Official - RNR Get a "New" Reserve Training Centre.

It has been announced this week that as of 1st April 2008 CERES DIVISION, the Leeds based tender unit to HMS SHERWOOD is to become a stand alone RTC and be commissioned HMS CERES. :w00t:

Some may say that the date is rather fitting however we strongly resemble those remarks! :drunken:

We see this as a very much appreciated and well deserved reward for the seven and half years (5 years as Calder Division, 2 1/2 as CERES DIVISION) of extremely hard work and dedication for all those associated with CERES and HMS SHERWOOD.

Lt Cdr Northcott – OiC of CERES DIVISION said;
“This is recognition the of the Division’s achievements over the past two and a half years. It presents a marvellous opportunity for Ceres to further the presence of the RNR in Yorkshire and to achieve this status at this time is a positive demonstration of the Royal Navy’s commitment to the RNR.â€;and I for one happen to agree with him!

Our thanks go to all those at HMS SHERWOOD (past and present) for the support given to CERES DIVISION over the years especially the PSI’s and civilian admin staff (the latter of whom always seem to get overlooked).

We hope that the new CERES PSI and admin officer (whoever they are) show as much enthusiasm as the past and present SHERWOOD staff have.

HMS CERES, along with HMS CALLIOPE and EAGLET will make up the North of England region.

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Turn this thread into a negative cat fight if you dare!
Kind of a phoenix from the flames.

New unit, MOSTLY new people same name.

We still have veru strong links with the HMS CERES Association bothe the RNR from Yeadon and the RN from Weatherby. Those guys will be made up.
Whatever next? A new unit in Chatham perhaps? Or Brighton?!

Goodness, what a fabulous idea!

But seriously, I am pleased to see the RNR expanding for all my sarccy comments!


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dunkers said:
Trehorn out of interest, how big a ship's company does Ceres have?
Hmm, good point. Will there be enough people to man the unit? Only because I thought the RNR were too busy being deployed overseas, doing the Royal Navy's work for them... 8O :wink:


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I was led to believe that if certain units were not able to increase their numbers substanially then their futures were looking a bit grim. And now they are opening another one?.
Not as such opening a new one. We have approximately 40 people on our books at present.

CERES has been open as it is at the moment for 2 1/2 years manned only on Thursday eveings.

SHERWOOD as well as other units are reducing their manning to roughly one PSI and one admin officer. Some units may have more.

We are getting one perminant PSI and one admin officer. So 13 units losing probably 2 members of their perminant staff saves the RNR 26 pay slips. With us getting 2 perminant staff then thats reduced to 24. Still a saving unless my maths is wrong?

What can i say. The powers that be recognise an asset when they see one. Where other units are losing people CERES are gaining. We've been punching above our weight for a while and regularly make up the majority of people attending training weekends.

Sorry for blowing our own trumpet but we have immense pride in our unit and are chuffed to bits that the wrong of 1994 has been rectified.

Its a shame some of you can't be as happy for us. This is a good thing for the RNR as a whole. The first positive thing we've had in a while.


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rosinacarley said:
bikerman said:
rosie haven't you heard of HMS Chatham type 23 :thumright:
erm ... yes thanks.

Have you never heard of HMS WILDFIRE?
That'll be the Ooooooold Wildfire.Cue Master Chief!!! HMS Wildfire is now the old HMS Northwood. Clash of names with JSU Northwood. 43 years of HMS Northwood, 18 months of JSU Northwood. Guess who had to change their name!!!!


trehorn said:
Our thanks go to all those at HMS SHERWOOD (past and present) for the support given to CERES DIVISION over the years especially the PSI’s and civilian admin staff (the latter of whom always seem to get overlooked).
I was the newly joined Comms PSI at Sherwood when we started up Calder Division at Batley in a cold, crappy part of the small TA Centre. There were no IT links, just a phone and a fax (not very useful on Thursday nights as there was no-one at Sherwood) and it quickly became apparent that support from the divisions parent unit would be very difficult. Added to that, there were very few people attending (I seem to recollect there being a regular attendance of about 10 or so each week). It wasn't difficult to fathom why - totally in the wrong location! It became embarrassing having to explain to the newly recruited comms people why they had to come down to Nottingham if they wanted to be taught any subject at or above restricted - simply put, implementing the necessary baseline security measures would have cost way more than DNRes were willing to part with and would have been embarrassing for the resident TA unit. With hindsight it is bleedingly obvious that the Batley site was chosen without any consideration for what was planned to be taught there.

I'm glad to see that things have moved on successfully and that common sense has prevailed. During my time with the RNR there was a huge gap in the recuiting area, all the way from Nottingham to Newcastle and Calder Division in Batley was a crude attempt to re-invent the wheel.

BTW is Paul (admin) still at Sherwood? If so give him my regards if you're passing!


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Nice one Trehorn. Despite what some folk may think, I do really wish the RNR all the best and this news should be a real morale booster to everyone.

Congratulations to HMS Ceres and all persons involved and best of luck for the future.

Who knows, maybe some of the other old names will rise phoenix like once again.


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