Official RNR Entry Date...what does this mean?

So I just got an email from the AFCO giving me an entry date!! I was only waiting on the security check to be done...does this mean I passed it? Or can they give you an entry date whilst still waiting on that? :eek:


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It means very little for RNR personnel. Most reservists seem to attest, get paid, wear a uniform, hold an ID card etc., well before they pass PJFT or gain SC nowadays. The entry date is simply a nominal start date but it matters not a jot as it's still possible to gain a start date before gainng SC but...failure to gain SC results in discharge.
Thanks NS! So just called DBS to see if I could get an idea of what stage my SC was at...the guy I spoke to was very helpful and told me my clearance was "processed" on the 13th Feb. Does that mean it was issued? Or just put into the system? *so impatient*

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