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Hi everyone, have been discussing mysoon to be new career with my family and friends and they asked me what my official adress will be when I pass out of raleigh. Will it stay as my parebts address or is there some navy address?




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it will most likely change from draft to draft..... not 100% on that though :/ my brothers mail still comes to ours but I think he can change it........
Ok brilliant, wasnt sure whether it was a case of leaving all official addresses as my current gome address or whether you should, technically, change it to your ship's base ports address.

Leave your home address as permanent, there's signals going around at the moment with reference to the census coming up soon. Most people that put their establishment/ship/boat down as permanent are divorcee's with nowhere to go, orphans etc. Always left my home address as permanent until I got married, saved me a lot of hassle waiting for things to catch up via pusser's snail mail.
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