Official histories-WW2 submarines

Don't think there was anything other than the 'Staff History' series volumes that dealt with the areas of conflict and submarine operations as a part of the overall picture.

They did a book called HM Submarines in about 1942 as a HMSO book.

If you can get hold of 'the British Submarine' by Commander FW Lipscombe its a good reliable book based on the Staff Histories.
Another one is Brit Subs at war 1939-45 by Alistair Mars


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One of the finest books about Submarines in WW2 is "War Beneath the Sea", by Peter Padfield - covers the submarine operations of all nations and puts them into perspective. There is a semi-official history, with the accent on the RN, by Cdr Richard Compton-Hall - The Underwater War 39-45. Technical details of the world's WW2 submarines is in Ermilio Bagnasco's aptly-named "Submarines of World War Two". Try Googling for the above or look at Amazon.

Any particular questions you had?


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Thankyou for the replies.It was the title of the staff histories I was after.I have got the others you mention,plus one by Lt.Cdr.Mars on RN boats in ww2


Another good reference dit - Silent Victory by Clay Blair Jr
Printed 1975 ,1072 pages,the complete history of ww2 US submarine operations.

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