Official dinners 1SL and 2 SL

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by invinoveritas, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. The number of official dinners 1SL and 2SL attended at a cost to the public purse ,is currently a FOIA request, for financial year 2006/2007.
    In your considered opinion, Do their dining reputation add to the Royal Navy's rather tarnished image --Or detract from it?
  2. Don't worry, you're not likely to get an invite.
  3. How can we consider an opinion when we don't know how many there were and what it cost the public purse.
  4. Contact me. I have the interim figures.
  5. Would I go so invited? I think not.
  6. That is the FOIA raison detre.
    My initial response is that you will be horrified to learn just how much their lavish ways have cost you.
  7. Would you like to have the interim 2006/2007 dining cost figures 1SL and 2SL? I have them., Are you prepared to be further mortified? Come clean!
  8. No but I'll have a couple of pints of whatever you are drinking.
  9. Be that as it may.Does their Lordships dining profilagcies , in your opinion add or detract from the Royal Navy's present sullied and tarnished image. My family have Royal Naval links to the 1800,s
  10. Cheap comment!
  11. Did you consider whether 1SL and 2SL really want to attend every single official dinner engagement that is organised. I'm sure they don't, but are probably duty bound to attend these bashes as representatives and hosts of the RN.
  12. Duty bound? By what rules? Please explain.
  13. The 1SL or 2SL attendance at official dinners is classed as either a duty or a public service. In case of it being a duty as in Trafalgar night or Taranto night I am sure that there will be times that he really does not wish to attend and would rather be out on the lash with the CPOs and POs. However his attendance will enhance the occasion. Likewise their lordships will attend many non naval functions, often as acts of charity, their presence there also enhances the RNs image.
  14. Touching?
  15. Norman
    You asked a question, as far as I am concerned I have answered it. If you don't like the answer I fine by me. As for the image of the RN been somewhat tarnished, it was one incident, as they say in the real world Shit Happens. There have been far more incidents where the RN has received praise.

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