Hi All,

I understand that to be a WEO through direct entry you would need a degree in an engineering based subject. If one was to go through the Upper Yardman Scheme would this still apply?

The reason I ask is that although I start basic training in a week, I would have liked to have gone for officer. My careers adviser had said that I would be better suited to this. Unfortunately, I don't have the required qualifications and I am currently not in a position where it is possible for me to obtain them.

I am going in as an ET(WE) and thought it best to pursue this route even if it means studying for a degree whilst working, however I am under no illusion of how many years it could take to gain a degree. If I decide to take this route I will probably be much older than the other cadets. Would this effect how far up the promotion ladder I could get or would I pass out at a higher rank considering the experience I would have gained as a rating. Would it in fact, be a much better idea to go for Warfare Officer where the degree barrier isn't a problem.

I am 19 at the moment and only have 12 GCSEs A*-C. I may appear to be presumptuous, but I am aware that I may never even make it past AIB

Thanks in advance, any thoughts are greatly appreciated.



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It's been done before admittedly, however nowadays, to manage realistic expectations: If the applicant only has 12 GCSE's, no A2's or a degree then they're facing an uphill & long-term struggle from the outset.

In short here's hoping the Navy will pay a full time wage whilst sending an individual to university for 3+ years, without A levels, to gain a degree.
I had no idea the navy had ever done that. I was thinking of doing a course with the open university, so studying whilst still working.
Right, in the old days, Tiff's (i.e. WEAs, MEAs and AEAs) could do their training, get seleted for UY, be sent to Portsmouth Uni for a year to (effectively) complete their third year, and then on to BRNC. I did SEMC with a couple of lads who'd been through that process, and it was highly, highly competitive. With the introduction of ETs, and the delivery of a Foundation degree at CPO, I'm not quite sure if this scheme still works - hopefully there will be some-one around who is a little more current on this than me. Failing that, you'll have to ask when you get to MWS and your first draft. Good Luck.
alfred_the_great said:
Right, in the old days,....
In the old days???

That was after we'd closed our own college in 1995!

But when we did have Crownhill monotechnic we'd send UY and SUY (then SDs) to the degree course there.
Mate, it feels like the old days - I can (almost) legitimately call them 8's! Anyway, I'm out the 'Engineering Loop' so I wouldn't like to comment. Crownhill Mono can go poke itself - I've never met such a bunch of Borg like buffons (this coming from a Quartist!)....


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Ah but A_T_G you're a mere sprog quartist :D But I tend to agree, some of the goings on at Manadoon were suspect indeed. That said the majority of the output was good and exactly what the Navy needed, so in those terms it did its job.

I helped close the place down and was both amazed and astonished at what happened down there, BUT I still think we did the wrong thing closing it down, it just needed changing and now we've lost that forever.
How'd we get from some poor bloke wanting information on being an Officer to Manadon - we all know the latter never produced the former! I'm glad I didn't go, just as I'm glad that Welbeck didn't take matelots when I was doing my VIth form; I've been indoctrinated enough without that two institutions....
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