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Quick question to pop my RR cherry!

I seem to have grown significantly since my days at BRNC and not always in the right direction. Consequently I need a new set of smart No1s. I'm getting married next year and therefore I'd like to buy new (not from the dead officers' store at NELSON).

I've found and but anyone know where I can get a decent set of 1s without forking out over a grand?

Many thanks

Try talking to Russ at the BRNC Stores; although you might have to wait a while till they have a spare sent for the more rotund gentleman ....
To get under the grand you are going to need to find some one who does off the peg rather than made to measure. I bought my last suit from one of the gents outfitters in Pompey, then they would all turn out 5s suit.
Thanks for the replies (HTP - it's not all gone (well, not everything) on the waist - simply not the boy I once was at 18). Last time I was in Pompey, it looked like Louis Bernard had ceased trading - is that true or have they just moved? That leaves, to my recollection, Baun&Co or Tailor Lee. Anyone had experience of either? Or is it worth biting the bullet and coughing up a grand for g.beverly or thieves and sharks set? Anyone had experience of those two?
Well as at 2006 when I went outside- Tailor Lee v. good for alterations/striping up if you're in a hurry (open Suns, bank holidays or at least at work on orders) but wouldn't personally have got him to knock me up a set of 1s. I know people who have, and swear by it- I'd have sworn near it looking at the state of some of his efforts. He's a good old fashioned backstreet tailor of the kind you don't really get anywhere else anymore. It's not the quality of the workmanship, more like you might end up looking like something from the 1940s (fine in a group, not so good if its just you).

Baun were o.k. for striping up, used them myself, but not sure if they even do whole suits these days. There again, they are tailors in chief to the SCC so you can draw your own conclusions from that.

Would be a shame if Barnard and Blairs have gone to the wall as I did use them for uniform stuff as a way round the Thieves/Garry Beverley moneypit. Their "fashion" items (yesterday's styles at tomorrow's prices) left a lot to be desired but uniform requisites are pretty difficult to get wrong....

Did once make a pipe down at Mare Harbour when we got alongside that they were in attendance on the jetty- only 4 daft enough to muster on the gangway. Actually, maybe that's still a worryingly high number!


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Gary Beverley will do you an off the peg suit for about half the price of a made to measure one - if you can get to him he will measure you and then adjust the off the peg suit accordingly. Should give you a near as dammit tailored suit for no where near the full cost.

I know cos that what I've done....
Gary Beverley is ex-Pompey Gieves and Hawkes and does a top job. Got a new mess kit a few years ago; OK so it was £1250 but it will give another 13 years good service. As for nos 1s I got a new Gieves set in 92 for £800 and they still look pristine. By all means go for a cheaper option but if you want something that will last and look good many years down the line it is worth paying the extra (they are also very good at building in 'growing room!')
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