Officers: Roles and numbers


I'm trying to build a picture of the crews of different ships. Can someone identify for me the different positions that Officers man on different ships please? (ie. a T23 will have Warfare Officers in the positions of Officer of the Watch on the Bridge, PWO and CO in the Ops Room).

How many Officers does it require to keep these posts manned, or how many other - engineering, logistics, medical etc. - Officers are there aboard.

I hear Destroyers have Fighter Controllers/Observers in the Ops Room in addition to Warfare Officers?


The FC's on board the 42's I served on were warfare officers. Infact the FC1 on the Newcastle was my DO and is now (was during the filming of warship anyways) the Senior Warfare Officer on the Illustrious. He was also an OOW as well and Part of Ship Officer. So they never had a warfare officer for one particular role
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