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From the thread 'Worst Boat' and a mention of 'Mr Rusty', this got me thinking (at last!) about some of the names we gave our esteemed leaders, and why.

For example, there was the Pink Pig, known to me by reputation only. Famous for banning the game 'Pass the Pigs' :roll:

However I served with Black Adder, who was the spitting image of Rowan Atkinson and last time I saw him was a Commander. Also served with Jabba the Hutt, a lovely chap sadly deceased, who was a wee bit stout and liked the odd glass or two.

Announce your selection below! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Our skipper on Onondaga was called slaphappy,(bit of a lush as well) everytime we killed the poor Los Angeles boats we were exercising with, he would use those little laughing boxes you wind up and play them over the UWT, frigging hysterical, course the USN ref we had onboard was not amused...Onondaga 9.....2 US LA Class boats 1...oh and we sank the USS Kennedy while we were at it......Lol...

Lets see we had a Fat Mac subby MacDonald, had to eat MacDonald's crap wherever we went, couldn't get enough of it...woke up naked once on the lawn of the Admirals residence in Roosevelt Roads, wrapped around the cannon....:DDDD

Faggot Fingers Ferguson, he was the skipper on Ojibwa, he earned that when he ordered "pink" lighting in the control room...:DDDDD


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There was a DMEO on HMS Birmingham who used to get port and starboard mixed up in the engine rooms. Apparently the fact that the Olympus faced aft and the Tynes faced f'wd was enough to confuse him about which side was which.

The clankies put little signs up, for example on the port Tyne they put a note saying "This is not the starboard Tyne" and so on on the rest of the machinery.

He was referred to by everyone as 'Sparkplug'


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The flight commander on HMS Manchester first commission had two nicknames. The first Boris, used by the wardroom, the second used by the ships company was The Punk Pig because he has a patch of white hair at the front of his head.
slim said:
The flight commander on HMS Manchester first commission had two nicknames. The first Boris, used by the wardroom, the second used by the ships company was The Punk Pig because he has a patch of white hair at the front of his head.
Could have been "The Mallens" Slim :lol: :lol:
Had a DWEO known as the Duty SA.
The WEO (first name Dick) was slightly dark skinned and therefore knows as Dick the Spick.
DWEO was "Dick the Spick's Assistant" (DTSA). Say it quickly.


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Once heard of one of the Bomber officers who had a bit of a stammer, and the lads called him Gibbering Gilbert.....just imagine giving the order to fire a torpedo ??? FFFFFF FFFFFF FFFor fkuc sake scrub round it....


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Was wondering where the name 'Gamp' Miers came from when talking about the WWII submarine officer ?? Any clues lads/lasses ?? Can understand 'Tubby Linton VC' but 'Gamp' puzzles me....
Extract found on google

Captains of big boats were relatively long in the tooth. 'Tubby' Linton - the stout, caustic and paternalistic CO of Pandora and Turbulent - was 38 when he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross in 1943 after failing to return from his 21st patrol.

Some extraordinarily young commanding officers, like Troup and Roxburgh in their very early twenties, were extremely successful and came through the war; but a 'certain age' assisted in meticulous planning, careful weighing of risks involved - and, like as not, it was a factor in getting home safely!

Torbay's blustery, ferocious Tony Miers (known as 'Gamp' in the fore-ends and 'Crap' in the wardroom) was another instance of maturity if not mellowness.

His exploit in the narrow, densely-guarded Corfu Channel, reminiscent of First World War derring-do in the Dardanelles, earned him the VC; but Miers took Torbay on plenty of other hazardous operations - one, unnoticed by historians, involved the astonishing rescue of 130 British and Common-wealth troops from an isolated cove on Crete where they had been stranded after the main evacuation in May 1941.
The DMEO of HMS Challenger was always referred to as Bengo by the ME department (as in Baby Engineering Officer).
I remember a certain Engineering S/Lt on Fearless was always called "Psycho" by those of us unlucky enough to have him as our DO. Once seen, never forgotten.


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We had a SO once who had a bad squint. He was called "IASIAH " - 'cause one eye was 'igher than the other!

As for the Pink Pig - was he the guy who went on to be the Captain of Dryad in the 70s? Thought he could ride so decided to carry out Divisions on horseback - the rehearsal went OK but when the RM Band struck up on the actual day the horse reared and he hit the deck!!
'Bastard' springs to mind...though was applicable to many occupants of the wardroom..... 8)

(All meant in the best possible taste.... :D )
On the Invince the MEO was called Skeletor, Skinny runt.

Lt brown on the Atherstone good bloke but slightly weird so got the name of strangely. Always makes me larf that. :p


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Had a DMEO named "the prince of darkness". Our resident cartoonist George ???, (can't bloody remember his second name died in a RTA a few years ago) had a field day in the back aft dit book.
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