Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by TheAaronP, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi chaps,

    Just a general enquiry really, i understand the recruitment process for officers is different than ratings, and to a degree i understand why.

    My question was really, that if someone didnt have the required qualifications to be considered as an officer, is there anything else that could maybe qualify someone to apply?

    So for example being sponsored by a high ranking, someone at the Afco etc, or scoring an extremely high score on the RT test, or impressing them in the interview stage?

    Just curious if the qualifications part was the only way to enter as an officer.

    Many thanks
  2. There are many threads where this has been done before tat you could have a look at.

    Short answer. No to first question mark. No to second question mark. Yes to third question which doesn't have a question mark.

    Qualifications are absolute and a deal breaker. The board are of course looking for other things, but quals are what get you the foot in the door and allow you to demonstrate them.
  3. With the greatest of respect Kinross, if i wanted lessons on grammar i would of joined

    It's entirely possible you are a grumpy bastard, who know one understands and this is just your "way" of answering questions, it was a simple question, with a simple answer.

    Have a nice day.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    In short the qualifications are one of a series of criteria that must be met to meet the minimum threshold for any given job.

    The standards of requirements for any given job are kept as low as possible to enable recruiting across the broadest range of potential candidates, but high enough to ensure they possess the intelectual capacity to complete the training and perform the job.

    It's not like a civilian advertised job that starts with a wish list: "The ideal candidate will have..." and then settle for two of one thing and none of another, unfortunately.

    Whilst it's accepted that there are good potential managers that do not have the minimum level of academic attainment for certain specialisations, individuals showing such qualities tend to progress rapidly through the promotion ladder according to their abilities after they have joined.
  5. As always Ninja, you've given just the answer i was looking for, you are an asset to this forum!

    Thank you.
  6. No, he gave you a full answer.

    If you don't have the qualifications then, in the navy's eyes you are not good enough, which based on your attitude and grammar, you're not anyway. Simple as.
  7. Just hang on a minute- not sure where the grammar lesson, intended or otherwise was in that post. I work in a very busy job and don't have time to write long replies at the drop of a hat. However, had a minute to spare and tried to answer point by point in the quickest way possible- as i saw that you had posted about 2 minutes before and there was therefore a good chance that you would still be online to see the answer if I was quick.

    If I wanted to pick you up for grammar then I could line by line both that and your subsequent post. However, I am not one of the grammar police here and wouldn't dream of doing it- particularly to someone new to the site- it's the quickest way to discourage someone from posting again.

    However, I'm afraid that this cuts both ways. If you're new to a site then you should probably not start flaming people, however mildly, when they try to give you a straight answer to a question. Really not appreciated. In general with these recruitment type questions it's best to leave it to the Ninja and Mario show as they can give you chapter and verse. However, if the question has a very obvious answer then other people can give it to you (or at least that's my yardstick anyway).

    I love it when people start sentences with "With the greatest of respect," it usually means they intend no respect whatsoever :money:

    Probably not one to trot out too often I would suggest.
  8. So there!!!
    :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  9. Petulance is not a requirement for a career in the RN and if you are the sort of person who over-reacts like that when your grammatical errors are pointed out then I would suggest that you are not suited to life in any branch of the Armed Forces.
  10. Well said wardmaster - an ability to bite your tongue is a necessary, nay vital, requirement. Especially during training you would have every flaw pointed out and ripped apart, and even when you're in you'll like as not be taking the can for something that's not your fault.

    Answering back will only get you extra duties and serious unpopularity!
  11. Poor Aaron.
  12. Im glad this thread turned into a shit fest. Ninja answered my question though.

  13. You turned it into a s­hit fest for no reason, kinross commented on one, yes one question mark missing, and you blow your top for no apparant reason.

    In reality it's quite funny.
  14. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I would like to offer you my utmost respect for posting such a restrained reply to the jumped up little p****.
  15. Blow my top? Did it sound like i was sitting at my laptop, bashing keys and shouting at the top of my voice?

    Oh really. :)

    Im a simple guy, who likes simple answers when asked simple questions. I dont need comments on grammar and/or spelling or anything else of that nature.

    In reply to your assumption about qualifications above, based on my grammar on "the internetz" i'd have to say people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

  16. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Oooooh, aren't you a lively one?
  17. Over to you guys!!! Have fun.
    :dwarf: :dwarf: :dwarf:
  18. Not shouting, more like moaning in an effete manner.

    My bold, your unintentional irony.
  19. I think you're missing the point here Joe, im saying i don't care about grammar when speaking to people on forums, such as these.

    People who cry about grammar are often insecure and somewhat elitest.

    If thats your thing, swing with it. I have better things to do. :)

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