Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Ryan89, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. Im currently doing my A levels, joining the RM for definate as soon as i finish them. Since i have the qualifications, ive been advised by my recruitment officer to become an Officer, but i am unsure about this, could anyone shed some light on this?

    Also, ive just started training to meet the fitness levels required, just wanted to check that these were the right requirements so i know what im aiming for:

    1. 3 miles in 22.5 mins
    2. 50 close press-ups in 2 mins
    3. 60 sit-ups in 2 mins
    4. 6 wide-grip pull ups

    thanks for your help girls

  2. I'm not a Royal but I recommend you think about the longer term prospects in this. Going in as an officer will be tough but financially you will be considerably better off (salary and pension) and also, having the chance to command, is worthwhile.
  3. By calling Navy personnel "girls" you are more likely to end up in casualty..
    Better make your sprint times a bit faster sweetheart
  4. Who the fcuk do you think you are to come on here and address the rest of us as "girls" you jumped up, arrogant little cnut?
    Trust me you fucktard, that is NOT the way to ask for advice!
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: Fucktard, love that one, made my day :lol:
  6. haha, and there was me thinking you had a sense of humour. If anyone was offended by my 'girls' comment, i apologize. Ive been told the Officer recruitment is very competitive and dont want to get that far to be declined when i could have been spending that time trying to get into the marines. Im currently doing weight in the afternoon and cardio at night. 6 days a week, I can run a poor 1.5 miles in about 15 mins at the moment, you think ill be ready in 7 months at my current rate? Thanks for the useful input fox.

  7. Go for officer, It will increase your chances of survival by 100%.

  8. bitey little feckers ain't cha
  9. OK, apology accepted.
    Serious head on now, you're really going to have to close down that 1.5 mile time. I'm not sure what the RM times are, but for someone under 25, I'd have thought they'd want you doing 1.5 in less than 9mins 30. If you've got 7 months to go, don't train twice a day, 6 days a week, you'll either burn out or hurt yourself. Is there a gym near you that offers circuit training? That'll increase your all round level of fitness whilst making you stronger at the same time. For the first few months, concentrate on building your running speed up, train at 2 miles initially and then up the distance by .5 of a mile each fortnight, until you can crack out 5 miles straight, then look at bringing that time down. If you want a good tip, don't look at your watch until you reach the end, that way, you'll be more inclined to push it harder and give it your best effort.
    I'm not an expert on weights so I can't really help there, not my thing, I'm more of a runner/circuits kind of bloke.
  10. so you think i should focus heavily on cardio at the moment and get into the weights closer to the time?
  12. 30 miles, full fighting order, under 8 hours and a 3 inch group at the end. No 3 inch group, go back and do it all again. And some poor sods had to.
  13. lofty 1st i dont like student OK, however if your thinking of joining the corps I might not fill you in if i see you. In this day and age with more people being educated it is not just the none educated ones who become ORs, it is what you want to do, a marine life is very different to an officer, If you like having loads of mates drinking and living as a wrech, and working you way up promotion via a hard route then OR life is for you, but if you want a slightly lonely life living in the mess then thats for you, and dont forget if you are a marine then you can become an officer but an office can not become a Marine. as for your fitness program you may be over training at the mo! CV is very inportant no need to do masive weights unless you have noddle arms, concentrate on cuircit training, running, swimming, press ups, sit ups and pull ups and more pull ups the times are just a guide line you will need to do better, this time last year I was pushing out 21 mans pullups and i am 32 years old. as you are a student have you considerd the RMR? anyway get you Hair cut, low life
  14. Well, over the past week ive been thinking about it alot and ive decided not to go for officer, i much prefer working as part of a team and working my way to the top and gaining the respect of those around me by doing so.

    With regards to the fitness i can meet the weight related requirements i.e. press-ups, sit ups, pull ups etc no probs but my cardio vascular fitness is poor to say the least.

    I had a training program which involved CV on alternate days to weight training over 6 days a week but i felt like i could be doing more and felt like i didnt need the rest on the rest day hence why i upped my game to CV and weights everyday.

    Im very motivated to succeed and ive been working very hard, i think i should be able to pull off the fitness test.

    Again, thanks for all the help.

    P.S. What is 3 Inch Group?

  15. Ryan89, I assume from your post laddie that you wish to join the Royal Marines and not the marines?
  16. When I did the 30 miler we went round in a Shearings coach.
  17. Yeah, i did mean the royal marines, excuse my lack of knowledge but whats the difference?
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ryan89, He is extracting the Michael, they like to be called Bootnecks, but beware they can take offense at any other terms of endearment
  19. I think you will find it is getting 5 rifle rounds into a 3 in dia circle at 25 yards.
  20. lol, great.

    Could any1 tell me what their average day is? from wake up to sleep. Cheers.

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