Officer used police room for sex session, court told

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Nice to see the Police doing their bit to keep crime down…
  2. Wonder if he used his hand cuffs and 'truncheon' ??
  3. Bet he took down her particulars! (groan, sorry) ;)
  4. Makes you wonder if she worked for a bank, especially if he made a deposit.......
  5. Maybe he was doing a 'body cavity search'…
  6. What an arresting thought....
  7. wonder if he called for back up.............
  8. Bit of pubic relations maybe?

  9. What, you mean like "Officer (going) Down" :D
  10. wonder if he was wearing his protective body armour

  11. So South Office Block Conference Room, Pompey, was quite luxurious then! and 20 mins was a quickie! Ah, nostalgia.
  12. ok so having read the link,,,,,,,,,,, why has this gone to court..... is it illegal to have sex whilst wearing a uniform then?? and whats wrong with have sex with a willing partner.. lol did find the comment "" she did a sex act on him "" funny though..........
    ((yes i know stupid question, number?? ,i dont know i have lost count))
  13. Improper use of a police truncheon perhaps.
  14. He was charged :-
    Mr Khan, of Coulsdon, South London, denies one charge of wilful misconduct in a public office.

    But it wasn't an office it was a room and if it was an office that belonged
    to the Police then it wouldn't be public!
    I'm confused!
    Going to the pub now to kill some more brain cells!
  15. JC hun, the officer in question was
    A - Senior Officer On Duty
    B - Using a Police Station to get his rocks off

    Just wondering when the CCTV footage will appear on Youtube
  16. Josey

    It would seem it is.

    "charge of wilful misconduct in a public office"

    Lets break it down "Wilful" well he meant and did shag her so thats proved
    "Office" well no discussion about that they shagged in an office so proved . "Public" well if the door was locked you could say it was not in public but as the public own the office then it is in an office owned or controlled by the publicm or public office. case proved Me-Lud.

  17. thankyou....... Ukdaytona and Nutty...........
    but if they were to both say they had not had sex in the room... what proof is there........???
    just because they went in that room does not mean they had sex...
    and if he was on lunch break then he can do what he pleases??
  18. Hey JC, come into my office a while I got something for you ;-)
  19. As long as his 'truncheon' was under six inches it's not assault with a deadly weapon…

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