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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Potential_Officer, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Well having passed the AIB I'm now wondering what happens for when I (still hopefully, two hurdles left to go!) what happens about kit?

    Do I buy the lot, suits, boots, sword and all, or am I issued with anything?

    Advice appreciated.
  2. From past experience, the best rig to buy is a dress and some stout pair of undergarments
  3. Been there done that... :oops:
    It was for charity!
  4. You say charity - I say a great release for those inner held frustrations!

    Keep saying the same though - somebody will eventuallly believe you!!
  5. You will be issued your kit except for sword.
  6. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Once you get called forward to BRNC you will get a comprehensive set of joining instructions that will tell you everything you need to know. There is no need to rush out and get stuff now, particularly on the sword front.
  7. The Charity Cross Dress, I believed was a long held tradition in HM Forces and long may it continue!

    Thanks for the answers, wasn't thinking of getting anything now, just a heads up so I know, I've not even got a joining date.

    But still are there any limitations to the Sword? And I'm assuming you need it with you on arriving.
  8. Hand to hand combat with swords has long since been discontinued.
    You will certainly need to take a sword with you to pick up litter when you are on skirmishing duty. You must withdraw your sword from its scabbard (in an officer like manner) and smartly use the tip to pick up said litter (dwelling a pause of two marching paces between each pick-up)
  9. PO, you don't need to bring your own sword. Apart from swords being very expensive, you'll probably get arrested on the train for possessing a weapon & end up in jail :wink:

    BRNC will provide you with a sword for drill.
  10. I was in the clothing store at BRNC recently and was told that the issue of uniform is all much more organised than it used to be. As I understand it you will be sent a form with your joining instructions which you return with all your clothing sizes and the kit will be waiting for you in your accommodation on arrival. All sounds a lot more organised than my day when you had to lug everything down to the college yourself.

    Time was when the various thieving tailors outfits would fight over the new entry for trade to make your No1 uniform and mess dress (you were given a cash allowance) but I understand that this is now all arranged on a contract basis (after your arrival).

    Don't worry about a sword. On the rare occasions that you need one they can be borrowed from the various naval base stores organisations. They really are too expensive to buy unless you really want to show off - (probably not a good idea at BRNC!)
  11. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Thats correct - tip is to pay attention to filling in the measurement forms to avoid faffing about in the first few days, although there is time allocated for such activities, its just that the clothing store is at the top of the hill!!

    Top tip for pre joining? Get your fitness sorted. You will get a booklet with a laid out 6 week programme that will get you through the intial weeks - you would not believe how many cadets seemed to think they could ignore it and it will be ok - trust me, it won't and you will save yourself a world of hurt and embuggerance. This was one of my pet hates - fitness is one of the areas where there is no difference between you and the people you aspire to command - how can you possibly start to gain their trust and respect if they can pass and you can't. mini rant over....
  12. All good advice guys, much reassuring having seen the prices, yes Gym Membership and talking to my RMR friend about PT is checked off, being a fat knacker doing PT does not sound like a fun prospect!
  13. It's not quite that good, although it is only Fisher Hall you have to lug it to your cabins from.

    All the uniform is provided and swords are lent out as and when necessary.
  14. Sandhurst still operates the cash allowance thing, and the O/Cs all run to their favourite tailors to get their dress uniforms sorted out. Thankfully the RN leads the way in organisation here, and the tailor (Perry, if my memory serves me correctly) will sort all.

    Incidentally, Gieves is by far the superior tailor...
  15. Gieves is also happens to be one of the most expensive. :smile:
  16. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Quality costs, I'm afraid..........

    What I did as a Mid was to start an allotment of a few quid a month in an account, saved me from pissing it up against a wall and then when I did need something, the cash was there.

    Shame I wasn't so bright when it came to cars and mortgages......
  17. Congratulations on your AIB pass P_O! You don't say whether you're going RN or RNR. The answers above are all good for the RN.

    If you are becoming an RNR officer then you do not get your no.1s or mess kit provided. Once your appointment is formal, then you get a grant of around £550 which you'll quickly discover doesn't stretch far. It's unlikely to get you 1 made-to-measure suit from one of the 'usual' pompey tailors.

    If you're going RNR then try Baun's on Queen St as they do 'off-the-rail' uniforms for c.£250+lacing (I think) or otherwise second hand kit from 'tin trousers' at Nelson or there's always ebay :)
  18. Re uniform: An ex MN turned RN told me that the trick was to go to a MN outfitter and order a suit BUT tell them not to put the braid on yet as the employing company wasn't decided. Then when required tell them RN, as ever this will be much cheaper than a naval tailor.
  19. No I've sold my soul to Her Majesty's pleasure, subject to Medical and obviously the MoD allocating me a place, I will be there 24/7 say goodbye to those lie-ins and hello to the career that was described as "like being imprisoned, only with the risk of drowning!"

    Looking forward to it.

    Off topic completely, but if a Matelot is the nickname for "those who work for a living" what is the nickname for Royal Navy officers?

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