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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RadioSilence, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. First of all, I would like to say that I'm sorry if this seems to be a really stupid question, but I'm getting myself confused! I have applied as an Aircrew Officer, and I understand that if i am successful my basic training will be in BRNC Dartmouth.

    The thing is, do officer applicants attend the nine week training in HMS Raleigh before this? I have been told by a friend that they do, but on the other hand, I can't find any reference of any training before you get to Dartmouth!

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. No, occifers go straight to BRNC
  3. Great, thanks! I'm trying to understand what my training route would be if I manage to get in!
  4. Thanks! That really helps - means I can stop wasting time looking into it, and instead concentrate of getting more info on BRNC!
  5. How far into the selection process are you?
  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Confused is not a quality we look for in Aircrew.
  7. But one that is often present all the may not have tried navigating, flying and using the radio all at the same time with about 20 hours under your belt.
  8. 1. RN presentation at careers office - with a bunch of other officer candidates, just a powerpoint presentation and a dit about the various branches and jobs available, etc.

    2. RT test - the standard tests done by all officer and rating candidates. Maths, English, mechanical comprehension, etc. There will be plenty of info on this on the site just have a trawl through.

    3. Sift Interview - A formal, one to one interview with your careers officer. About an hour, motivation for joining, Navy knowledge, etc. Again there'll be plenty of info around this site. Following this you are given my full bundle of application forms.

    4. Flying Aptitude Tests - This is where it gets tough! Two days up in RAF Cranwell, one day of testing. 5 hours or so in front of a computer screen doing barrages of tests. Lots of useful info on this here and on PPRuNe.

    5. Medical - At your careers office, or at a GP nearby. Pretty standard height, weight, etc. Questions about any ilnesses or medical conditions you might have. Basic vision and hearing tests. New

    6. Admiralty Interview Board .

    7. Aircrew medical - A much more in depth medical, done at Haslar the afternoon after your AIB finishes.

    7. BRNC - Assuming you are succesful enough at AIB to win an Aircrew place.
  9. Fixed :)
  10. Thanks a_a. I actually had my medical just after my RT tests, but there might be an issue, so I'm waiting for word on that. If I get through OK, its on to my 2.4km run and the Sift interview! Would you be able to give me that link again though, as it doesn't seem to be working!

    Seadog, I know that - but initiative is. Hence I used my initiative to ask, thereby removing any confusion! :)
  11. Well really the initiative would have been to look at the Royal Navy website and look at the section about Aircrew
  12. Don't worry, I had already done that, I was just making sure!
  13. You better do a hell of a lot of work before your interview asking questions like this! They expect you to know your training pipeline, your likely first 10 years of a career, the job role of pilot and observer among many other things.

    Were you not told that you train at BRNC and not Raleigh at your careers presentation?
  14. Thats what I'm doing at the minute, getting all that information sorted out and learnt. For some reason, I didn't have a careers presentation. I was doing a lot of research by myself and in school, and I called up to ask the local AFCO to ask some questions. I explained to them where I was at, and he said he would send me out the application forms, and that I didn't need to come down, just fill those in and send them off. We were shown the Raleigh presentation after we had completed the RT test!

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