Officer Training Consolidation Thread.

I know the info is all over the forums, just an idea to group all the info together for general training for officers, mainly to make it more easily accessible to new users.

I'll post the info from other threads but I'm relying on the experienced members to correct me if (when?) I'm wrong and fill in any bits I missed.

Please try and keep the thread free of offshoots and tangents. :1:
General info and Phase 1.

RN Officer Training Phase 1
RN Officer Training Phase 2

Training - INT(O) Initial Naval Training (Officer) consists of 30 weeks spread over three 10 week phases. These phases are Militarisation, Marinisation and IFT (Initial Fleet Time)

Phase I - Militarisation - The first 10 weeks of INT(O) will take place Primarily at BRNC (Britannia Royal Naval College) in Dartmouth. Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth | Royal Navy

1-2 - Introduction - Kit rounds, physical development, parade drill, basic military skills, all CMS competencies, basic boat handling (motor whalers) and intro to CBRNDC (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Damage Control)
3 - NMT100 - Mainly weapons handling - SA80 (L85 A2) .
4 - BLD (Basic Leadership Development) -"3 days and 2 nights sleeping out in the college grounds, completing leadership tasks, amongst other things." - this quote is not from an official source so it will need to be verified.
5 - Seamanship
6 - Navigation
7 - Seamanship
8 - CBRNDC (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Damage Control)
9 - ABLE (Assessed Basic Leadership Exercise) -"A field exercise on Dartmoor with assessed PLTs during the day and variouis capers overnight. It is still hardcore, especially as it still takes place very early on in their time at the College. The Xmas term 2011's ABLE was notably grim in terms of weather!" -this quote is not from an official source so it will need to be verified.
10 - Various
Phase 2.

Phase 2 - Marinisation - The second 10 weeks of INT(O) will take place at BRNC.

1-3 - Mar Ops (possibly - Maritime Operations), CLM (command and Leadership), academics and Twin Screw (a twin screw is a ship that has two propellers on separate shafts that rotate in opposite directions, in this case, picket boats -BRNC picket boats take part in Armed Forces Day sail past | Royal Navy)
4 - Navigiation
5 - MLD (Maritime Leadership Development)
6 - ACAD (no Idea what this is, anyone know?)
7-8 - MARL (Maritime Leadership) & BSSC (Basic Sea Survival Course)

BSSC - 1 day sea survival- throwing yourself in horsea island lake and paddling about in a liferaft
3 days firefighting- doddle in the new gas rigs
1/2 day of bein gassed and NBC shenaigans
1/2 day of shoring and flooding in the DRIU - getting wet again

9 - DIV WK (again, no idea)
10​ - Various

Phase 3 - IFT - The third term at INT(O) will take place primarily at sea.

Consists of 10 weeks at sea in an operational warship, you will be supported by BRNC staff (So don't worry too much) OCs (Officer Cadets) are expected to contribute back to the platform at various levles. IFT is essential getting to know the whole ship and how it's run.

FLT BD and passing out finish off the INT(O) 30 weeks.


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Because spoonfeeding people the answers is a really sensible idea...

Great in theory, rather than teaching a prospective officer to get off their arrse and do some research, just put it down in one spot and let them soak it all up. Thank god BRNC and our future enemies are also so easy to work with!
I suppose the question is do the guys arrive in their first ship equipped to carry out the role to which they have been appointed? The DTS and the Midshipman year made the answer 'yes' in days of old, but that was expensive: and as a 'sub' one still had a lot to learn.....

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