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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by kagg, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone.

    I tried searching for this, but couldn't see an answer, if anyone knows different I apologise.

    Saving you all from the boring details, I had to put my application to join the RN on hold a few months back, I'm now looking at starting it up again. I only have the AIB to go.

    Basically I was wondering if anyone can advise how much leave there is during officer training to see family/friends who live close to wherever officer training will be conducted from?

    i.e. is the training mon-fri based with weekends free to go home? Any advice is really appreciated. Thanks.
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  2. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Not being rude, but you are comitting to applying for a career in a uniformed service, which involves significant time away from home, and you don't seem to (by the way your post is phrased) know where you will be training? That is a rather worrying sign!

    Answer to your question though, time off is highly limited for the first year, you will get the odd weekend, but shore leave is not necessarily guranteed at any point (e.g. even if in the programme you may find yourself shafted in some way for duties). Expect a very busy time in basic training, and then more regular contact depending on where you do your professional training and dependent on whether you are at sea or not.
  3. Haha, I see what you mean! I know its at BRNC, and HMS Collingwood, I was hearing rumours that more might be done at HMS Raleigh (due to cuts), so was leaving it a little open ended.

    With that cleared up, I appreciate your reply. I presumed that leave would be restricted especially during the first term at BRNC, but I take it that between term 1 and term 2 at the college leave is permitted? Then when I go to HMS Collingwood etc for Warfare specific training leave (applying as warfare officer) will be a little more free flowing?
  4. At MWS you will get every evening off, as well as most weekends - there might be one or two in which you are involved in establishment wide activities. Be aware, as a Junior Officer, you will be f*cked around with your leave at every possible occasion; get used to the phrase "leave is an entitlement, not a right". This is obviously complete bollocks, but that's never stopped the old and bold, or those if rubbish management and leadership skills using it as an excuse to dick you around.

    When you get into the Fleet you will have about 48 days leave a year, which should be taken in that year (Apr - Apr). You can carry leave over between years (09 - 10 I carried over nearly 47 days as I was deployed for all 3 main leave periods), but will have to be robust in your explanation why you couldn't take it "in-year". A top tip - apply for leave on JPA and make your Line Manager deny it. That way you have proof that "due to service reasons" you couldn't take it.
  5. Thanks for your reply. That helps alot. I knew leave would be one of those things which can and will be whiped away with minimum notice, I appreciate that. It was really just to get an idea of how much time there is to see family during the training period. I realise it will become scarce once deployed.
  6. Another related question: When at MWS do you have to live on site or can you live with family?
  7. I'm puzzled - must be old age. If you are not looking at starting your application up again, why the interest in leave, where you will live etc?
  8. Oh that's my terrible proof reading! It should read that "I am now looking at starting it up again" instead of "not looking". Sorry about that.
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  9. Is that 48 days inclusive of bank holidays? Is it like civilian life where employers may give you n days holiday with a contractual obligation to take some of them on certain dates? I'm envisioning a situation at a shore establishment which might close for a week over Christmas for example.
  10. You should never take an officer home to train it until at least it is house trained.
    They do say however most take to the litter quite quickly, but the female ones are sometimes known to chew things.
  11. The Navy gives you:

    30 Days Leave
    8 Public Holidays
    1 Days Leave for each 30 Days on a Sea Going Draft

    *note, these days leave are "Working Days" i.e Mon-Fri (normally)* so in effect you could end up earning 50 days leave equalling 10 weeks holiday. And as always all leave is dependent on the requirements of the service. If the navy need you, you aint getting to take that leave.

    Whilst in Training Establishments (Collingwood, BRNC etc) you will have set leave periods. Normally 2 weeks at Easter and Christmas and 3 weeks in Summer.
  12. And that depends on the situation of the ship you are due to join for IFT.
    Our leave is being pushed back until we come back, although we will be getting an extended weekend from that Thursday until Sunday.

    Re the original poster. I'm on week 13 now. Be prepared to not go home much. I took my extended weekend after ABLE and that has been it. Others however are more willing to much about with the leave chits and get 20 hours of home time.
    Personally I quite like it here during the weekends, although thus far we've only had one real weekend to chillax without 'much' scheduled.
  13. Joint Personnel Administration system - how you do leave, pay etc.

    I've lived at home for every course I've done at MWS (about 2 1/2 years worth!). The Mess is quite hard work in the evening unless you are a big drinker. I take the view that when you're shore-based you owe it to yourself and your family to take every minute with them, because you won't see them much in a sea draft!
  14. That's encouraging. I really want to join the Navy and I appreciate when on deployment seeing family is obviously not an option, but my mindset is the same as yours. When shore-based I really want to spend time with my family (who are planning on moving down with me should I pass my AIB). I don't particularly want to be stuck on a base if I have free time that I could pop home for (obviously there will be work to take with me).
  15. You can practise making terrible decisions!
  16. Got it, thanks!
  17. Most of the wannabe officers seem to be obsessed with when they get there leave. :sleepy2:
  18. Where leave?
  19. God forbid you sign up wanting to know when you're going to get to see your family or friends.
  20. Exactly! Totally agree with you. What's the big deal about wanting to know how often you can spend time with your family?!

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