Officer selection - over the hill?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by The_Filth, May 4, 2007.

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  1. My question is: am I too old for RM Officer selection?

    I am soon to turn 25. I have been a police officer for 5 years. I am physically fit. I have been in the TA for just over a year and aim to complete All Arms Commando course this summer.

    In Dec 07, I will complete a Foundation Degree (basically a HND) in Criminology hopefully with a distinction grade. I have pretty poor a-levels (from six years ago) which just fail to meet the UCAS requirement.

    I am considering doing a 3rd 'top up year' to convert to a BA in Criminology. I could take A level law during this time, to make up for my lack of UCAS points.

    My rationale being, in 18 months (Jan 2009) I will be 26 and have:

    1.) Good degree
    2.) The required UCAS points
    3.) Substantial life experience

    The only problem being that I will turn 27 in May 2009.

    Would I have time to start training or would I likely be seen as a late developer and over the hill?

    Any advice from those in the know very much appreciated.

  2. John

    Firstly, i'm unsure of the upper age limit for RM officer, but experience prior to joining the Corps is always a good asset.

    Go ahead with your plans to do your degree and all arms course with the TA as again this is seen as working towards your goal and puts you in a very good position on application.

    Would be interested to know who your doing your All Arms course with as i did a tour of Norway in 93 with some 289 CDO. PM me if you want to chat about it.

    If not see below also.
  3. You've got some excellent credentials to further your career in the Police, can I just ask what your motivation for joining RM is?

    With 5 years seniority in the old bill and your current academic record I wouldnt suggest joining the ranks and attempting a comission as this could take some time and you'd be seriously out of pocket - I think you have enough already to go down on POC. Make some enquiries with your local AFCO.

    Good luck.

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