Officer Roles


I am currently waiting before my medical exemption expires before I can sign up and I have roughly 10 months so I am trying to use this time to build up a solid idea of the roles I would like to pursue, I have a few good friends and my dad are ex navy and by all means I have also been firing questions in their direction.

Anyway, I want to pursue a career as an Officer.
The roles I am interested in are:
Warfare Officer
Logistics Officer
Training Management Officer

If anyone has experience of these branches would it would be much appreciated if you could share, the careers office have been helpful also.
What I'm ideally asking for is:
Your general experience, what jobs you do, what's your typical day like? What you enjoy doing what you don't enjoy doing? How long have you been in or were in, and how much time you spent away. What are your jobs on ship and off ship?

And also, just a spur one, best experience you've had.

What I'm trying to do is build a clear a picture as possible of the job so I can make a sound judgement.

Thank you for your time in advance


War Hero
@Roberua If you have a search you will find all the roles that interest you have been discussed previously,some of them in detail. If they are not up to date ask your AFCO to arrange for you to attend an Acquaint course for officers where you get the opportunity to talk the real thing.