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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by HMSWellington, Dec 27, 2012.

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  1. Wondering if anyone can give me any general info on this.

    I'm ex TA, officer cadet but due to work commitments at the time had no choice but to call it a day after two and a half years. My work life has now settled down and having started to spend more and more time on the water hobby wise, I've begun to think about heading back into the reserves.
    I enjoyed my TA time but coming from a naval family, have often wondered about something different and find myself more and more interested in the RNR. Having done a bit of research, I know which branches I'm interested in and which I think I would be suited to and am planning to have a chat with the AFCO about this.

    What I'm keen to know is whether people on here can advise as to whether my TA background will help/hinder me in this? Should I seek an AIB pass first and then embark on training or vice versa? I'm keen to do a commission as I think my background and attributes are well suited to it (yes I know that may be a matter of opinion but it is mine!)

    I'm well aware of the differences between the Army and the Navy and fully realise the need to learn afresh but am keen to hear any advice or guidance anyone may have

    Many thanks
  2. One thing to remember / consider is that "Tanks dont float"
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  3. HMS Wellington - Are you a member of the HCMM?

    Your TA experience won’t hurt anything, you will have to go through the recruitment process and then wait for your AIB date. Once you pass you then enter the JO training regime, weekends, assessment and then on to BRNC.

    The AIB date can take a long time so best to attend your local unit whilst you wait, this will be of benefit to you before going for your AIB as other people have been through the same process and can assist.
  4. Some do..............................

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  5. Yeah I know, but no good in roughers. I was just avin a dig at percy.
  6. And some unfortunately don't.

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  7. HMSW, which will be your nearest unit? I'm sure thief recruiting officer would like to chat?
  8. I found it helped, mostly because it taught me "if in doubt, ask, if rebuffed then say 'so who should I ask?'" rather than assuming that everyone except me knew what was going on.

    It had some minor utility at BRNC for the fieldwork if you can rig a basha, handle a rifle and live on ratpacks for a couple of days, but frankly they'll teach you what you need and when your TA training conflicts, bin it. You look a bit of a prat when you call "'Shun!" rather than "Ho!" to call your platoon to attention... (been there, done that - once)

    Best advice is to talk to the unit you'll be joining and see what they want and recommend.

    The rules change and change often; I did direct entry (pass AIB, then join and train as an OC) which just about worked for me, but since then it's changed at least once and there are assorted technicalities about when you qualify to get a service number and ID card and can be paid for training which you don't want to fall foul of.

    Bluntly, not many people here (and certainly not me) know the current details, but your RNR unit's support manager and training team should be on top of them.
  9. Thanks to everyone for the info; my nearest unit is HMS Forward but tend to spend more time in the East mids re work so am thinking of looking at Nottingham but any suggestions warmly received. Am I better to speak to the unit rather than the AFCO; I know that was always the case with the TA? I'm particularly interested in the DE scheme (if its available) and really keen to get involved. Re AIB taking a while to come through, sounds similar to AOSB with the Army so I'm prepared for the "hurry up and wait"
    As to the pics of floating/sinking tanks, many of them aren't great with mud let alone water! Thanks for the thought though, I'll be sure to pack my snorkel
  10. Thanks for that IFHP - no not a member of HCMM but my Great Uncle served on HMS Wellington on its maiden cruise and during the war; plus its moored beside the Inns of Court which I'm a member of, hence the name!
  11. HMSW, speak to both, unit and AFCO, as the recruitment process through the AFCO sometimes takes a whil, and the unit will help mentor you through it. Good luck, as both FORWARD and SHERWOOD are good units.
  12. Ah okay! Good luck with the recruitment process :)

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