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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by waveyourflag, Jul 7, 2010.

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  1. royal navy website says you need 5 gcses and 180 UCAS points to be an officer, i have the gcses all right, but where do i start with the ucas points?
  2. Have you done any AS or A Levels or a BTEC or anything like that?

    List your quals for me pls.
  3. ive just got all my gcses, mostly C's, some Bs some Ds

    so have i got to go to 6th form to become an officer?
  4. so what do you suggest i do if i want to be an officer, since im not going to 6th form or anything
  5. Oh - that's a bit puzzling - your profile says:

    "interested in joining navy after 6th form, probably Communications Technician or Marine Engineer".
  6. yeah soz i used to want to go to 6th form, not anymore, so any advice then?
  7. Go to college.


    If you're not prepared to take the academic route, then join as a rating. Your competency can shine through.
  8. You need to find a way of doing qualifications from the UCAS list I linked to which garner you 180 UCAS points. If 6th form isn't for you, you might prefer a college at which you could do A Levels.

    When did you sit your GCSEs, by the way?
  9. only a few months ago mate
  10. But you have your exam results already?
  11. no but i practically know what im getting, cos of mock exams, and how i felt the tests were
  12. OK then, WYF, one thing you need to do is work out what you are going to do with yourself for the next 12 months. If you are certain about going for Officer, you need to get on to a course which will get you 180 UCAS points or at least start you off in that direction. If you are opting for Rating entry, you will have to wait a minimum of twelve months to start Basic, so you need either college or a job while you are waiting.

    Have you been in to see your local RN Careers Advisors yet?
  13. im going down the careers office tomorow :)

    thanks for the advice mate i really appreciate it

    well in the end, rating or officer, ill still join whatever :D
  14. its kl i know exactly were it is :) thanks though

    if officers not for me i might try chef?, hydrographics, steward. im up for most things

  15. Junior Officers may require some humility when given advice. :roll:
  16. WYF

    Did you talk this option through with the CA?

    Have you definitely decided not to stay for the 6th form?

    As you are quite young, I was wondering whether you had talked the various options open to you with your Mum/Dad?
  17. ...or teddy bears and invisible friends?

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