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Hi all, been lurking for a while but have a question to ask

Currently waiting on initial meeting with AFCO for E(IS) officer entry, had a little bit of a wait as I have BTEC type qualifications which needed assessing. Took a while but thankfully approved, so next step is the interview in the AFCO.

To cut to the chase, I've been prescribed medication for some minor issues and I'm wondering if they will be a barrier to entry? (I can live without them all, I worked for several years without any medications and only went to the doc due to being nagged)

Rhinitis - I dont need any medication until summer, where I take one pill a day and a nasal spray if my nose gets blocked (blocked nose more a nuisance, plus I sound daft when my nose is stuffed up)

Dry skin on knuckles - prescribed moisturiser (as get free prescriptions so doc reckoned might as well just prescribe it rather than have me pay for it, normally just use whatever was on offer from the shop so no real need for prescribed stuff apart from cost)

Lastly I take an antacid pill as a preventative, had bad heartburn for a while and doc considered it a good idea to prevent it happening again.

Any help appreciated, don't want to waste anyone's time really, hopefully though it wont stop me, The navy is the career I want more than anything and I would be gutted if a couple of non essential pills killed my app before it got going :(


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Wow, the pharmaceutical industry simply adores people that pay through the nose for various prescribed maladies.

If the medicines are not required nor prescribed then generally there isn't a significant problem unless there's an underlying undiagnosed medical condition.

If the medicines are required & the lack of medication can prevent the individual performing their required duties in extremes of climate, temperature or altitude, then possibly there maybe a problem.

Doubtless "Angrydoc" will quantify the degree of latitude permitted in due course with regard specific medicines & conditions, however otherwise, the AFCO medical examiner will give a definite answer.

Best of luck
(as get free prescriptions so doc reckoned might as well just prescribe it rather than have me pay for it, normally just use whatever was on offer from the shop so no real need for prescribed stuff apart from cost)
I can only assume you get free prescriptions because you are in full time education or because of a low income or something. And not because you have something rather more serious like diabetes or epilepsy, in which case I'd be rather more worried about that than a bit of heartburn and dry skin? Nothing Gaviscon and E45 can't fix, surely?
Thanks all :)

@soleil - mostly grass pollen (it fits in with the grass pollen peaks but oddly though when I lived in Southern Ontario in Canada I had no symptoms even in Summer and living in the middle of a farming area), from looking it up rhinitis seems to cover hayfever. Docs here are loathe to refer anyone for tests to find out triggers, mainly due to massive wait times, plus the results usually tell you what you already have figured out. Plus my symptoms aren't really severe...just more annoying than anything else really.

@watch_the_birdie - I get them free due to low income, I lost my job and my wife is self employed and doesn't make much (got to love bankers for messing up the economy :roll:), so tax credits make up her income a bit, and we get free prescriptions. I want to work though, thats why I want to join the navy. E45 does cover the hands no problem, its just the stuff from the doc currently costs me nothing, Gaviscon would mostly cover the heartburn but pills are currently free compared to £4 a bottle for gaviscon and every little bit helps till I'm back at work or the wife's business picks up.

@ninja_stoker - Only one I really need is my hayfever / rhinitis pills for about a month or 2 during the summer - sneezing and runny nose during late June to early August round here, but when I'm symptoms, so must be something native to some parts of the UK that isn't elsewhere. Rest of the year I have no real issues with allergies
As mentioned above went through the doc as tax credits mean I don't have to pay and due to tightness of money currently, I'll take any help on offer as I have no other option. For the long term though I want to be working, I don't like taking hand outs nor sitting idle.

I think I should be ok, well fingers crossed anyway, I think the 2 pills I take are OTC medicines, if not there are equivalents which are OTC which I could switch to.

The RN is the career I want to have, civilian life to be honest......bores me to death, when I told my wife I was considering joining the RN, I thought she would be shocked, but she was all for it. (her family is ex Canadian Navy) and she thinks I would do well, and that she was surprised I didn't apply sooner. She even remarked that she was going to suggest it as an option if I had not mentioned it.

Thanks again for your comments and opinions, much appreciated.
I know its been said many times, but this forum is really useful, even just to get an opinion about, and have a laugh :wink:


The rhinitis sounds more like hay fever - and as long as you haven't needed steroid tablets (prednisolone), or needed to take time off work as a result of it, then there isn't a problem.

Hand eczema - yours sounds pretty mild so should be ok. We're picky (pardon the pun) about hand eczema though.

Heartburn - if you can do without the meds then you don't have it any worse than the rest of us!
soleil - End of this month, so I'm getting a bit nervy and just trying to make sure I can get everything into place as best I can before the interview. Really want this to go well, hopefully my question above wasn't a daft one that made me sound like a total muppet. :?

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