Officer Recruitment - new direct entry policy


Lantern Swinger
Well come on in and give it a go

If you fancy the dark side go for it as well :twisted:

When i left the Mob i managed 2 years before coming back in. I kept my rate which was good. Unfortunatly you start back at the bottom rung so just have fun

all the best for you when you come back into the fold



Thanks for the words of encouragement guys.

Having had some time to think about it I don't see any reasaon why I shouldn't just get in the mess and see where it takes me. As a few of you so rightly said I need to find my sea legs again after so many years away from it all.

Any other words of wisdom/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Right. wheres me bottle of pussers rum, I know I've got one 'ere somewhere...


Reservist-Monkey said:
firefawkes said:
navalgazer said:
Hope it's not too late, but the Direct Entry System details are out, and the system is essentially AFCO managed.
Entrants will have nothing to do with the RNR prior to AIB. After a pass at AIB they are Acting Sub Lt and go straight to the Wardroom.

Thanks for that Navalgazer. :)

I’m pleased to see that it is consistent with what I’ve been told so far by the AFCO. However, these few details appear to be the sum total of the information currently available on Direct Entry within the RNR! Any other queries I have posed to the AFCO have been met with ‘It’s a new scheme - we don’t know much about it’, and “You’ll need to ask at your unitâ€. This would be fine if my unit had all the details, but they don’t! I know that DEO was only introduced at the start of August, but what is the point of launching a new scheme before the AFCOs and RTUs have been given any details about it and why, 3 months after the launch, is there still a lack of information? :roll:

I now have my dates for AIB, so we’ll see what happens after that!

Ah Firefawkes, it was ever thus. Someone in the good ideas club obvious put the plan out before doing the staffwork.

Good luck on your AIB, get the beers in when you pass.


Just a quick update to say that the drinks are on me, as I passed my AIB!!! :D

Many thanks to all who contributed to this thread. Although I may not have agreed with everything that was posted :lol: , I am grateful for all the comments, advice and encouragement I received.



Firefawkes or indeed any other who's in the same situation perhaps you could give a little insight into how things are panning out for you now in the post AIB process?

Positives/Negatives, Obstacles... how you've been slotted into an RNR unit etc etc.

Congratulations also indeed to Firefawkes.

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