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Hi all,

I'm currently in the recruitment process and just passed my psychometric test. I don't know anyone in the Navy so haven't got anyone to ask in terms of selection process, training and life in the RN and on the boats specifically. I was wondering if someone could do me the enormous favour of possibly mentoring me? It is a huge ask and commitment, especially to a total stranger but selfishly it would be invaluable to me. Ideally I'm looking for someone to have a chat with via skype as I would love to do some mock interviews initially for SIFT and hopefully the AIB, to get a flavour of the questions asked and source the gaps in my knowledge.



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To be honest, whilst you are clearly taking the right tack to find out more, your AFCO staff, particularly your Area Careers Liaison Officer (ACLO), are paid specifically to help guide you through the process.

I can appreciate you maybe reluctant to ask for help and advice, but they actually want you to succeed and whilst a mentor is not a bad idea in itself, it is important to have current knowledge of the selection process as it does evolve over time.

That said, if someone is happy to mentor you, good effort that person.

Best of luck - I've no doubt you'll find a wealth of experience and info on this forum.
I was unsure as to how much we could/should utilise our ACLO. I am aware that she is extremely overworked at the moment as they are under-staffed. But after hearing that, I will get in touch with her. Asking here is never a bad thing as it will always look good when it comes up in conversation at the AIB. ;) I am extremely lucky and grateful that an submarine officer has offered to help me.
Thank you very much for getting in replying with the useful advice!

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