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Hello everyone
I have a weird one, so I'm going to be a LH soon and my other half is considering joining the reserves as an officer.
We get married in April and will likely apply for marriage quarters soon after.
What are the rules about rating/officer marriage and how does a accommodation etc work.

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Assuming that you are RN, that is what decides the MQ - being other half being RNR has no effect.

As for Wardroom/Lower Deck relationships - nobody cares anymore! If you end up attending a wardroom dinner just don't go in uniform.

Doubtless some regular types will be along shortly with better info.


Yeah I'm RN full time. Just wanted to make sure there are no 'funnies' in regards to pusser.
I know in regards to marriage accomodation (and all other accomodation) officers & ratings get different locations.

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