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Officer question


I am looking at joining the Navy as an Engineering (Information Systems) Officer or a warfare officer.

Will be doing my 3rd year of university in september so starting to think what to do next.

Is anyone a Engineering (Information Systems) Officer?
i have found very little information about this role apart from what is on there careers website.

Do modern MOD information systems tie into what is used in the civi world?

My degree is computer science, so im just trying to figure what type of work will be involved.

Also looking for project ideas for my final yr project (need inspiration)

Also in the uni officer training corps(army) not much sea in coventry, Can anyone let on about the differences about the army officers and naval. Also whats the social life like?

Sorry for all the questions but if i could speak to someone in or that knows the field would be great.

I am an E(IS) and will do what I can to help. If you PM me with any further questions.

The job ranges from database management, CND, system managers, plicy planning and implementation. There are sea opportunities. A lot of MOD systems are windows based but it is usually the ratings who do the hands on techy stuff and the Officer's manage.

An option could be to join as an Engineer and then try to Warfare specialise or vice versa as there are a few opportunities to do this.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for that Jenny

Is there alot of work to be done at Sea, im not fussed either way but would abviously like to do that.

Is it possible to visit anywhere and have a face to face chat with ppl at a base in this area.

Also what is the social life like as a Navy Officer, im guessing there is a good mix of m/f.
A good option for Officers is to head into the world of Project Management. You get some good courses under your belt (civvie recognised), and some nice CV entries. A lot harder at sea, but plenty of opportunity to make inroads into new tech when working with the US, and some good chances to improvise/adapt/overcome! The RN (and Forces in general) are using some shiny new kit, so whilst you may end up working with some nasty old Unix or DOS legacy systems, you also get the chance to play with ship-borne networks, data comms over satellite, and the chance to show the CO what you can do with limited bandwidth. Be prepared to listen to advice though, you never know where your IT expertise on board will come from - especially when you wander into the Radio Shack and find twenty blokes on laptops who have patched into a redundant leg of the network to play shoot/kill games!

Visit a careers office, or find out if you have an associated RN Unit at your Uni. They will be more than happy to give you more advice.
well this sounds like the area i was thinking about in Civi street but this what im wanting. But without been stuck in an office (hope so anyway)

It all sounds very intresting and im sure some of these nice new shiney ships are all going to be kitted up with the latest toys.

Im seriously hoping the ships aint being auto piloted by bill gates.

thanks just cant wait to get through my last year of uni now :)

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