Officer Promotions Announced.

Nutty said:
Ninja_Stoker said:
Royal Navy & Royal Marines Lt Cdr, Lt Col & Cdr promotions announced

Norman, as always, will be chuffed....
Just what are all these new Lt. Cmds. going to do. Will we have enough vessels for them to play on. Is there a matching list of retired Lt. Cmds.
or has the overall total increased?. What is the current ratio of Lt Cmds. to 1. Ships 2. Non- Commissioned Personnel?

How much did Norman pay you to do a sub for him? :money:
Sensible questions however, how long before each new entry is issued with his own personal Lt Cdr ?
penrecon said:
Actually the link is to the list of Lt Cdrs promoted to Cdr!
Excellent got rid of a few Lt. Cmds. by booting them upstairs. Norma will be pleased.


PS I have written Lt Cmds. a good few time now some one please bite.

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