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Just a question out of curiosity...

Once you have got the minimum A Level grades (180 UCAS points) and a degree, will you will get promoted on performance? Not due to the fact that someone got slightly better grades or went to a more 'prestigious uni'.

I only ask because I just got my AS Levels and got worse than expected (AACD).
Your first concern should be with the application process, not subsequent promotion. Even then, you needn't worry about promotion; as you wouldn't be in the frame for selection until you have a wealth of relevant experience.

Try looking at the Royal Navy website, it has a whole section on careers. You should be well aware of training pipelines and promotion procedure prior to attending your AFCO interviews.
Promotion for anyone in the RN is based around your 'potential' which is your capacity to operate at the next rank up - there may be internal RN qualifications required but they are generally not academically based.


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I'm happy to say that the RN always was & still in a meritocracy based organization for promotion & long may it last.
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