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Officer Promotion System

Guns, hush now! I'll get all embarrassed... :) (but I have just sent you a PM)

For some-one who knows far far more than me, listen to W_D - he's got some decent int.

And I'm now going to go before this love-in gets noticed by the wider world.....


Lantern Swinger
wave_dodger said:
Bawsack said:
I have been pestering my ACLO for a few weeks now to identify my career path as an SUY. As a 35 year old submariner I am intending the AIB in July and hope to follow the Comms Specialist route. I am having trouble identifying the time I will be required to spend at BRNC and on completion additional training that I will be required to take.

I understand that I will join BRNC as an X(SM) and should discuss my career path with the appointer on completion of the AIB(If I am successful) however I feel it would be prudent to know what will be required of me at the AIB.

I am a little confused, if you are a serving 35 year old submariner (highly likely to be a Senior Rate) what are you doing talking to an ACLO about career paths?

Equally if you are serving why haven't you asked/made contact with the WO1(CSM) who is about to attend BRNC in two weeks time. You are in such a small pool of people you must know him or know of him?

As an SUY (CSM) you will find your career pretty much mapped out from day one. There is a small pool of specialist appointments for communicators with SM experience mainly in NATO, Fleet HQ and Northwood/COMOPS.

I can tell you from the latest experience of said WO1(CSM) you will be drilled very differently to Joe Bloggs at the AIB, not for you the "how many T23s and what do they do" line, the board expect you to have a view on how the Navy operates, what its wider roles are and how you feel you can contribute.

To answer your questions

1. Advice from people who have recently completed AIB as SUY said that information from ACLO was invaluable and the local education centre pass every one to him for tips and advice. I have found the two that I have dealings with to be very helpful.

2. I have spoken to said WO1(CISSM) about his board and he too offered help and advice, emphasising that I should ensure I know as much about the RMs as I do the RN, he has however left his job in the squadron and I am no longer in contact with him.

3. I am aware of the jobs available to me should I succeed at the AIB. The difficulty I am having is identifying what happens post BRNC, Is it straight into the job or is there additional training required.

Many thanks for your response though WD.


Lantern Swinger
Guns said:
I think he is great as well.

SUY are now doing a 7 week course at BRNC - geared towards policy updates, revision of Staff Work and general introduction to officer life. Plenty of visits to get the latest news from various HQ's.

Within Warfare only CIS/EW can now deep specialise, all others having to go down the IWO then PWO route. The BR is useful and worth a read.

Many thanks Guns.
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