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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by fishflakes, Aug 31, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    I was reading about the fact that both graduates and non-graduates will now be midshipmen once out of BRNC. I want to clarify things about promotion and pay levels so I know where I stand. I can assure you that I will be joining up for all the right reasons (i.e. I'm not doing it for the money) but as a graduate candidate I would like to know how my career progression will unfold. I think it will also be useful for sift interview/AIB questions as well as I'm sure they ask what rank you'll start at.


    -Everyone post BRNC will be midshipmen

    -Are the pay rates on the website now correct i.e. ~£25k on joining, and ~30k on passing out?

    -Will there be any seniority held by graduates?

    -How many years until S/Lt and Lieutenant?

  2. There will be no seniority held by Graduates, you are correct in that you all join as Midshipman, (the Armed Forces Pay Review Board highlighted the previous system as being particularly crap) 2 years as a Middy and then 3 years as a Subbie, then you become a Lieutenant. I'm under the impression there is some sort of bonus for engineering officers. The pay listed on the RN Careers website is correct as far as I can tell, and compares very favourably to what was on offer before.

    The change had to happen because we had some Officers bringing lots of management experience absolutely storming through training and exceeding the standard and without a degree, earning less someone who had a degree in Theatre Studies and was bobbling along just meeting the standard. A degree alone is no measure of a person's ability to be an Officer. (As you may tell I'm a non-grad!)
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  3. You must be a LT/CDR by now P.O.???????
  4. I am starting BRNC in just over a week and I have the letter detailing pay and promotion, which is as follows:

    -Entry as a Midshipman: Pay Level OF1 L5 (£24,861)
    -On passing out of BRNC: Remain Midshipman but move to Pay Level OF1 L6 (£29,882)
    -On completion of 1 year's service: Promotion to Sub Lieutenant and move to Pay Level OF1 L7 (£30,672)
    -On completion of 30 months service as a Sub Lieutenant: Promotion to Lieutenant RN
    -All further promotion by selection

    As PO said the new system rewards non-grads the same as grads! (Which is how it should be!!) Hope this helps.
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  5. Sadly not yet scouse! Doubtful too in the long term based on some career decisions I've made!
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  6. :angel12:pity your chosen path was not a WAFU!!!! I could have put in a good word for you PO :happy2:
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  7. Problem is I'm a breaker of things so I was never going to be an engineer and I get thoroughly bored looking at myself in the mirror...

    "I don't care how many times they go up-diddly-up-up, they're still gits!" Or as one of the PO (Sea) at Dartmouth told me, they don't get paid more, they just get paid more quickly!
  8. So what are you doing that's going to stop you being a Lt Cdr?!
  9. Perhaps stop is a little over-exaggeration, I've opted for a relatively new sub-spec out of the "standard" path that I don't think will lead to PWOs. I think unless there is change in the Warfare career path its unlikely to get my much more than Lt Cdr. That said, I chose it because I think its the career that suits my skills best.
  10. I did advise you when, joining as a Snotty at Dartmouth , many moons ago, to take the WAFU route and avoid being a Fish head, at your peril^^;
  11. Ha! I really enjoy being a Warfare Officer (there's a sentence you don't hear every day!) I've probably chosen to forget some of the crap but some of the stuff you get to do has exceeded many of my expectations. It certainly beats being a civvy and certainly beats still being in training (as some WAFUs from my entry are!) And being a Divisional Officer (WAFUs certainly don't do it as much as Fish Heads!) is hugely rewarding, the highlight for me was the first time my Divisional SR and I picked up on a very capable LH, getting him fully qualified for board and then picked up on his first shot.
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  12. Yes but are you as good a DO on defaulters for getting all those naughty Fishhead JDs off the charges ??????:walk:
  13. Usually through cocking up as OOD in the eyes of the Reggies have they got off the hook...
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  14. Fortunately I've never had to worry if a pissed Jack will choke on his vomit, a good Duty Killick is undervalued if you ask me!

    Can you imagine the Navy allowing a modern day version of "Sailor" filming a Wardroom Hard Drive Porn swap?
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  15. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "So what are you doing that's going to stop you being a Lt Cdr?!"

    Joined the RN or RNR Intelligence Branch? :)
  16. P_O - clear your inbox.

    PT - no, the lad's got potential and a brain ;)
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2013
  17. Confused me now, I thought PO was an officer? :)
  18. You can't beat a good 3 badge Wafu killick, on the gangway of a flattop, PO :read2:
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  19. Unfortunately many young officers see being a D.O. as a thorn in their side rather than using the experience to progress their careers

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