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First post so hi guys and gals.

Hopefully this hasn't been asked before (I couldn't find it).

I am applying for Warfare officer and was wondering about the sort of things other candidates have been doing to demonstrate leadership and teamwork etc.

I haven't all ways wanted to be in the navy and as a result I suppose I haven't made best use of my time, I have the grades but other than that my CV is pretty blank. I should be a team leader/supervisor at work in a few weeks (I work at a supermarket) but that is about all i've got.

I did voice my concern at the AFCO about this but they said I should go for it anyway and see how far I get.

I initially had an idea of becoming a part time firefighter but thats as long a process as joining then navy so thats out!

Also perhaps a duke of edinburgh/ adventurey type thing? I was looking at expeditions to go up mt Killimanjaro or is that over doing it?

Hope thats not too long

Any other suggestions?

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If you type the word "Leadership" into the search function, it shows you some threads which already exist - check them out and see if there are any ideas you can use there.

There will be other additions to this thread too.


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Alright Jonjo. I understand where your coming from. Although I'm 25 and have had two decent jobs since university neither involved any real leadership. Think outside of the box (I hate the cliche but its the easiet way to put) for ideas of when you've shown any leadership. For example I used my experience as a JCR rep at uni for my first example of organisation/leadership at my SIFT which got a lukewarm response so when asked for another one I explained my role in helping organise my sister's wedding (booking hotel rooms, taxis, catering etc) and he seemed far happier with that. Best of luck.


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I didnt even say like half of the stuff ive done and he stopped me and said "right, okay, okay, sounds excellent, very motivated young man" hah

School clubs? Uni clubs?
He LOOVEEED duke of edinbrugh, bronze, silver and gold and loved Cubs/Scouts.
Yeah I was hockey captain for a couple of years in year 7/8 but can you say about stuff you did when you were 11? It doesn't seem stand up, it wouldn't in a job interview thats for sure.

My interview is in a month or two so i'll just go along and be straight with the interviewer and see how it goes.

Thanks for the replies.


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Get yourself involved in a club or sport now, if you aren't already in one. Plus, if you are under 25, you should have time to start a dune of edinburgh. You could even ask if you could be the team leader - instant leadership experience.

Other than that, is the a cadet unit near you? Or, you could volunteer in a uniformed organisation - boys brigade/scouts etc. Organise for a group of friends to do a sponsored walk, or maybe swim. There is a marie curie swimathon on at the start of april, maybe enter a team? I've done that.

There are loads of things out there, you don't need to think big.
Good luck.
Had the same problem for Warfare officer, depending your time line, Camp America would be something for you to look into, (although I'd say apply in 2 weeks time, as closes after that usually)

Main problem I had was not boasting enough in the interview...I didn't think being in charge of 3 other glass collectors was that much of being a leader, or being incharge of a 5-a-side team at university. When I did use an example I made a mistake of saying it was a team effort instead of projecting myself in a good light. At the time it felt wrong to take credit solely for where other people contributed. I was told by someone at work that I was an idiot for doing this!

Since my last sift interview, I've re-joined my Sea Cadet unit as a C.I. (helped that same P.Os are there when I was a cadet) Started up a 5-a-side football side again with my mates, running a half-marathon in April.

After all that though, I've changed my application from Warfare officer to Engineer management training officer, as the competition isn't as fierce. It'd also suit me a lot more than as well which is an added bonus.
I'm applying too! I have my formal interview on thursday. Well, I have been at uni and worked almost full time to stop myself from getting in debt. I have been on charity runs, charity football and cubs when I was young. Charity football and such has been lately. However, the only leadership I have to speak of is at work, and although I have not been in a position of leadership (such as supervisor or the like), I have shown leadership. Being the one to rely upon and the such. I am always a sole staff member working in the mornings, as I'm the only one who can be trusted to set up properly. It's best to look at what you have, and manipulate it. There are shows of leadership everywhere. Just have to dig deep :)


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CallmeJames said:
After all that though, I've changed my application from Warfare officer to Engineer management training officer, as the competition isn't as fierce. It'd also suit me a lot more than as well which is an added bonus.
This really is the only reason why you should change your whole future career path and prospects, you are signing up for 12 years. :roll:

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