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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Beith12, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone on the forums has been down to HMS Collingwood for the Officer Preparation Course?

    Got a call today offering a place on the 7-9th December, which I of course, accepted :)
  2. No I havent?

    say Yah alot and look down your nose at those pesky ratings.
  3. Will post with more details when they come through :p
  4. Sounds more like the Army, the RN tends to get officers from a wide range of backgrounds, you won't hear too many "hooray henry" accents compared to the other forces.
  5. Very true, and the Navy is much better at promoting from the ranks, too.

    When I was at BRNC many years ago it was less than 5% from public schools, and at the same time RMAS was about 50%.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yah, quite true old bean.

    I've even heard some of the blighters having strong regional accents too, Harrumph.

    About 30% or RN Officers come through the ranks raising to nearer 40% for engineering disciplines.

    So if you're uncouth & bright academically then you too could be an Engineering Officer. It's only my CSE Grade 9 in all subjects which prevented me becoming one. Oh, and the AIB thingy too. :wink:
  7. I don't know the figures for the light blue, but they run commissioning clubs on all their bases, so they must expect it to happen.

    To be fair, the Army does take in a very high percentage of great lads with little/no academic quals, so getting them commissioned will be harder, but there's still no way that a Guardsman is going to get commissioned into the Guards, it's just not done, don't you know.
  8. Yes the Crabs do promote from the ranks , I had the misfortune to work for one many years ago in a civvie job. The man hated me because I was a proper pig and he was jealous of me .
  9. Wrong. At least 3 Officers in a Guards battalion will LE (Late Entry, their equivalent to SUY), if not more. For a long and detailed thread as the social background of Army Officers, go look on Arrse under the eponymous thread.

    Don't do the Army a dis-service based on inaccurate half truths, do them a dis-service based on evidence - they all do stink because they don't wash for example!
  10. Read my post:

    I said:"there's still no way that a Guardsman is going to get commissioned into the Guards"

    Did I mention SNCOs getting commissioned as QMs or similar? No, I was talking about a Guardsman. As I said, it just would not happen in the Guards. I spent more time in green than in dark blue, so I do know the score.
  11. My AFCO told me they would send me on this course, just waiting for a date to be confirmed this week. Does anyone know what it involves?
  12. Agreed. RN officers have a more variation in terms of backgrounds.

    95% of potential army officers have university degrees. Although it's not essential to have a university degree, the army still expect officer recruits to have a degree before they go sandhurst.

    RN officer recruits don't need a degree. A levels are all they ask for..........and you don't even need good grades. 3 D grades will get you in.

    In short, army officer recuits tend to be posh.
  13. For some reason, the upper middle and upper classes TEND to go for comissioned service in the army rather than the other two services if they are going to join the forces. Although I personally have no idea why this is, I suspect it is something to do with the old victorian class style system that is still in use in many regiments and even corps of the army . Public schools are traditionally quite tough, so maybe that is what attracts them to the army over the RN and RAF. Who knows. I can count on one hand the number of RN and RAF officers combined Ive heard speak with a classic "Ive been to public school" accent, however, in my experience, army officers speaking with a hooray henry accent seem to be in the majority. Its just an obsevation, I may of course be entirely wrong.
  14. I don't think you can say that graduate = posh or even more likely to be posh anymore. I have 2 degrees and i'm not posh sounding at all, I can however make an awesome spag bol which could feed a family for a week and I am intimately familiar with crap daytime television.

    There is also something about Sandhurst which can take perfectly normal people and turn them into pompous ********* which just doesn't seem to happen as much at BRNC, there are some assholes there for sure but most went in as one originally. The army sems to surgically insert a silver spoon up the ass of their YOs for no apparent reason bringing with it all the associated yahs and awwwwwfully nices and jolly good old chap.
  15. Rubbish I'm afraid.

    That's entirely Regiment or corps specific. For instance. If you are talking about the Guards or Cav then yes, you will find a certain toff element. Likewise, if you look at The Kings Division or REME then you'll find it significantly less so.

    There are plenty of bumbling upper class buffoons in the RN to go around.
  16. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Completely wrong i'm afraid. Sandhurst doesn't turn them in to *********, the majority of them were ********* before they went through the system. In relation to your "Silver Spoon" reference, that is reserved for Officers of the Foot Guards or Cavalry (especially the Househould chaps).
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    For my sins I had to Guard BRNC from a Terra threat a few moons ago, I was there about a month. I can assure you there's some right pompous arrseholes there.

    (and no, it wasn't us who robbed the booze from the mess, that was a coincidence)
  18. Just got the email through this morning for the course, tells you what will be happenng on all 3 days ;)

    Is it the 7th to the 9th you will be attending?
  19. Well its not wrong because it is a statement of opinion, its not documented fact. I'm merely stating that my experience of people before and after Sandhurst is that the extra confidence and leader like qualities they develop come dosed heavily with some very toff like mannerisms. I know people who have gone in with the most middle england accent you can imagine and come out speaking entirely differently, its just a tad strange.
  20. And your experience of a handful of people is not comparible to Blackrat and I who have worked with hundreds of Army Officers.

    You are wrong.

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