Officer Pattern Dress for Warrant Officers

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by London, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. Was having a look through the RAf's Uniform Regulations and noticed that their Warrant Officers wear officer pattern service dress including a very smart warm weather no 7 service dress.

    Isn't it about time Royal Navy Warrant Officers were given the same entitlement?
  2. Looks like "bush jacket" and trousers to me - I though RN WO/ Senior Rates were entitled to draw and wear this rig in warmer climates any way. I may be wrong as I'm a submariner and we wear what we like anyway :thumright:
  3. Can't believe the RAF advertise that God-awful uniform on their website! Thought the intention was to get people to join!
  4. Does their rig need to be configured such that they can easily scuttle sideways :blob4:
  5. Having looked at your link pray what is th difference between S/Rs and Officers No 1.s except for the sword argument which has been aired before.?????

  6. Why does the RAF publish its' uniform regulations on its' website and the RN just shows a group of photographs?Answers on a postcard please!
  7. SRs have 6 buttons, and Officers have 8.
    But if WOs aren't Commissioned status, do not have a separate Mess, and are not entitled to a salute, why want to be dressed as one?
    Vanity perhaps ? -- look at me I'm a Warrant OFFICER..... maybe the same could be said of SRs - Petty OFFICER, Chief Petty OFFICER ????

  8. Gee whitmouse I missed the button count now I suppose two buttons do make a difference.

  9. Don't say it too loudly whitemouse - the newspapers already have bother in working out whether or not a PO is an Officer or not!
  10. That's why I put a smiley, Nutty ... .. :p
  11. Yes they do, in my day the made the jacket cost a h*ll of a lot more for a start.
  12. Is that why all of you left the top button undone - to save wear and tear ?

  13. Army and RAF WO1s/WOs wear officer pattern uniforms - why not RN WOs??
  14. A few years ago the RAF changed their WO`s uniforms back to WW2, thats what they look like, perhaps there`s a Tame Crab out there that can verify it.
  15. Is this change for change sake - and are you a WO by any chance ?

    What benefits will it have, surely it will only mean more cost to a WO wearing Officers rig, and they will still be living in the SR's mess ?

  16. Of course occiffers uniforms are more expensive, its the cost of the filter system fitted to the trousers. This ensures that their farts smell of old splice
  17. Do Warrant Officers pay for their uniforms? Thought the Lower Deck just changed them nowadays. Unlike the days of KUA?.
  18. I am so glad I am not a crab.
  19. Didn't need them (warrant Officers) when I was in the Navy (silly old bugger) Why - other than to satisfy the ponges and the crabs do they need them today - do away with them save a fortune!

    Conversely going back even further Sub Lieutenants used to be Masters Mates - they were Warrant Officers! so lets go back to Nelsons days; Post Captains, Lieutenants, Midshipmen, Warrant Officers, Petty Officers (small officers) AB's, OD's Who needs the rest!

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