Officer or Rating

For me personally, I have no choice, I have to go in as a nod as I am not yet a british citizen but thats fine. I would like to go for officer once I get it. Then again, got to actually get to RT before anything else.
If you can - do. I joined the RN as a JR and am now a Lt. It takes all sorts. Be aware that as an officer you know more - because you are told more - and your prospects are better, both inside and out. More is also expected of you. Respect is earnt and trust easily lost. Getting stuck in, being part of a team and working with the best, motivated people going is all part of the fun - regardless of your staring position.
As I remember, RM Young Officers (YOs) had to perform 25% better on course than those they would be commanding so the challenges are steep physically as well as academically.

Leadership is a vocation as well as a personal quality. Do you want to lead from the word 'go' (as I hope you do) or be one of the crowd until you settle in? Unless you are really keen to lead and believe you might have the right stuff, then I suggest you join as a basic Marine. As has already been said, if you've got it in you to go higher, the Corps will detect it soon enough and provide you with the appropriate opportunities.


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Your dilemma is understandable.
Here are my personal thoughts: If you are close to the 26 year age limit attempt officer selection as the door will soon close regardless. I
If you have time on your side weigh up what you actually want to do: be a soldier for a few years, or have a short tour as a Tp Comd before moving onto the next appointment (probably outside of the Bde).
The selection process isn't easy whichever way you want to go and I wish you all the best.


A young man was recently passed for duty as a Royal Marine on a Friday, discharged the following Monday and joined YO 07 on the Tuesday. You can transfer [if selected] as an OR up to 26, after that you go SCC, though a Commisioned Officer the jobs are very different. Join as a YO they commision 50 blokes a year, join as an OR then try to transfer only 10 a year. Set your sights high you will only regret it later.


Honour_Courage_Respect said:
One of my Dads friends was a service man and when he found out about what i wanted to do he said i should consider not going in as an officer but then he didnt dive me any information about why.
I was wondering if it would be better for me to apply as an officer or not?]Any advice appreciated!

HCR, I've read the post in answer to your question and will add my 2 penneth worth. If you expect to pass your A levels don't even consider joining as a recruit. It would be pointless unless you are considering an OR career. There appear to be a number of threads to your enquiry

* There is an equal amount of cameraderie amongst the officers.
* Initially officers pay isn't as good as a JNCOs but this quickly changes.
* Pensions are based on pay and are therefore better (if you serve that long).
* Job satisfaction can be equal on both paths, there are equal opportunity for the op type SQs as an officer as well as Staff jobs to stretch the mind (and possibly the spirit!!).
* Consider the long term and what you want to do when you leave as employability changes with the experiences you gain whilst in the Corps.