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One of my Dads friends was a service man and when he found out about what i wanted to do he said i should consider not going in as an officer but then he didnt dive me any information about why.
I was wondering if it would be better for me to apply as an officer or not?]Any advice appreciated!


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In one respect your Dads' friend is right, do consider not joining up as an Officer, it's not the be all and end all, however don't disregard it. Find out all your options, research them and decide what you want to do when you are better informed.


well, think of it this way.

you can start as a humble marine, and rise through the ranks and get a commission later in your career, but you cant do it the otherway round.

i suppose the reason for starting as a general marine could be all sorts. fitness, leadership qualties, lifestyle possibly.
but the advantage of an officer who came from a non commisioned role is that they are more experienced about the lifes of those who they are in charge of.

but yeh, you should weigh it up. according to the booklet thing if you start as an officer it looks like there are less of the 'exciting' specialisations open to you (just my opinion).
if you work through, you can serve, and have more areas covered.
if you start as GD marine, do a tour, become an assault engineer, serve for a while, and get to AE1, then go for a commission, you will have had a lot more in your career then if you joined as an officer.


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My advice would be try and join as an officer. If unsuccessful then try to join as a Royal marine, then apply later for a commission. That way you will get two attempts rather than one.


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I dare say you'll get both sets of advice, from my perspective I'd advise you really think about what you want to do and what motivates you to join. Being an Officer isn't for everyone, joining as a Marine also isn't for everyone, there are good officers out there who would have been dreadful had they joined as a marine first.

The jobs are different, you need to talk to people about what the benefits of each approach are and make your own mind up. But I'd agree with Chieftiff, do think about not joining as an officer in the first instance, the decision is your own and neither route is right or wrong, but once you've made your mind up be assured that it's what you've decided on, nobody else.


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If you join as a marine, and are successful you have to do the commando section again.

Although I am an RN Lt, the calibre of person who joins as a RM officer is much higher than any other service and the competition is fierce for Late Commission.

If you have the qualifications for commissioned service, apply. If you are looking for Esprit de Corps, leadership, excellent people to work with then i would say you would gain all of that on either side of the fence.

However, the pension is better and the job prospects as an officer far outweigh those of a GD. All of the sexy jobs are open to you, and the opportunity to command a rifle troop seems like a gift handed from god himself.

But as i say, i am an RN Lt and this is only an observation


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good post Ding dong, however I must point out that the RSM doesn't hand out rifle troops, might influence who gets them though.


What qualifications do you have? A levels or Graduate look at a commission. I am an instructor in the Maritime Warfare School and have a mixture of pre RN academic achievments accredited to my students. The Graduates do not find the course I teach COMMUNICATIONS INFORMATIONS SYSTEMS BASIC LEVEL a challenge.

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Goodness me I am in high company on this mailing list.!!From gash hand to ? Only the Phantom knows.


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As in previous threads you can always drop down( no disrespect to the lower deck), but you can't always rise through the ranks as you will be constantly monitored for your officer like qualities (or lack of them) when trying to gain a commission once within the Corps. If you have the ability and the quals go for it now!

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