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Officer non-grad educational standards


Lantern Swinger
I found this on the PRMC forum.

Ninja_Stoker said:
For RM Officer selction, as well as 5 GCSE's A-C(including Maths & English)
the minimum standard for UCAS points is to be increased from the minimum level of 140 UCAS points to eliminate candidates who clearly struggle at AIB, and to better align RN recruiting standards with the other services. The minimum requirement for educational qualifications is to be raised to 180 UCAS points, subject to certain constraints.

The revised minimum standard for non-graduate Officer entry to the Royal Marines will be 180 UCAS points for all candidates from Fri 29 February 2008, subject to the constraints that:

1. the total must include at least two non-overlapping subject areas;
2. each subject must be allocated at least 45 UCAS points;
3. If unsure of overlapping subject areas AIB should be contacted.

The minimum for each subject will be increased from 40 to 45 UCAS points so the following will no longer acceptable:

1. A-Level Grade E;
2. AS-level GradeC;
3. Scottish Higher Grade D;
4. Scottish Intermediate any grade.

The full UCAS points tariff, showing equivalent qualifications, is available at

You cannot add AS & A level UCAS points in the same subject & the subjects must include at least two non-overlapping subjects scoring over 45.

The grades that count are:

A Level/Advanced Highers: A=120, B=100, C=80, D=60
AS Levels: A=60, B=50
Scottish Highers: A=72, B=60, C=48

BTECs Certificates are only valid at level 3 (Distinction, Merit grade pass or better).

BTEC Diploma (Merit, Merit, Merit)

All BTECs, HNDs must be verified by the Admiralty Interview Board as accepted non-overlapping subjects of sufficient academic content.

Does this (in particular my bold) apply to RN officer candidates as well?

I currently hold 150 UCAS points at AS level, grade C at the highest. I was going to make up the shortfall by doing an extra AS level by correspondence study but if the RN requirements are the same then it looks like the hill just got a bit steeper. :roll:


cupoftea said:
chris78290 said:
See section 0515 on page 5-11 of this document for up to date clarification and the relevant mark tables:

BR3 (Courtesy of Ninja Stoker)

As I feared... the hill is steeper.

Thank you for the clarification Chris, much obliged.

Don't get disheartened, with the amount of time it takes to process the average application you could probably complete any course.


War Hero
The bit you have to be careful of, for graduates in particular, is that you still need the A Level or equivalent UCAS points even if you have a degree.

It all gets a little confusing:

You should contact AIB for verification of academic requirements & whether it's acceptable to "top-up" using a grade A or B AS Level or whether you need to obtain the full 180 UCAS within a two year period if you are over 13 months since graduating.

AS Levels are only valid at grade B or better.

Best of luck.
I'm in a similarly annoying position at the moment, i'm a graduate but when I was at school for sixth form I was living overseas. I did some random foreign qualifications, they have a UCAS points value but I am currently awaiting confirmation from the AIB that they will accept them... one day they'll actually let me sit my board :roll:
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