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Hi all,

I've got my AIB coming up in June and was wanting to find out a bit more about what exactly life as an officer in the RN constitutes.

All the literature/brochure material seems to concentrate on what training you go through in the first 2/3 years (iI'm looking at specialising as a warfare officer in the Surface Fleet).

But after the first year at BRNC, what is life like? Is it usually 6 months on shore, 6 months at sea? What happens when you're based on shore- I assume it's mainly training courses/lots of people taking their leave? What about life at sea as an officer? What's an average day? Living conditions on/off shore etc?

Sorry for so many questions! I'll be sure to mention this site when the inevitable question comes up at the AIB, 'What have you done to find out more about your chosen career in the Navy?'!

It is a great site by the way - seems to give you more of an insight into the RN than a whole stack of careers brochures!

Thanks in advance.


Lantern Swinger
Once you do your year at BRNC, you'll head off to join the fleet for 4 months on your CFT (Common Fleet Time). Logs etc do this too as well as Warfare. Then it's off to Collingwood for 3 weeks JWO Nav and Specialist Fleet Time after that on another ship (6 Months) where you get a whole tonne more bridge time. You'd really be looking for a small ship preferably then for the amount of Navs you'll get to do. After SFT you go back to Collingwood for about 4 months on the JWO course and then it's off to the Fleet! Or the submarine school if you dont like the light...

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