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I was in 61troop RMRtyne, had to drop for uni, but will be back next (academic year). I passed the phase one tests at Lympstone and was told by the training staff that if i maintained phyz and took a verbal bashing for leaving in the first place, that I could join a troop starting phase 2. Once I pass out, I'm thinking of going to Officer in the RMR

Anyone know how long that takes?


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61 troop,
if you are thinking of a commission your main priority is to complete training ( including continuation )
The vast majority of RMR officers have come through the ranks or are ex regular officers as direct entry as an officer under training is very rare.
the routine if you do pass out will be to apply in writing to the CO of the unit.
At some time after that you will sit a "Unit Board" usually chaired by 2i/c after which they will recommend ( or not ) your applictaion is forwarded.
AIB is next , and you will attend a regular AIB at HMS Sultan.
If you pass this you will then be commissioned as a 2/LT and start in the officer training pipeline.
Due to nature of the RMR officers job , units will generally prefer candidates with at least a couple of years experience following passing out and an operational tour under your belt is pretty much expected before consideration will be given to your application.
Of course you could always join the TA and be a general within 5 years !! but if was easy it wouldnt be worth doing would it ???
best of luck
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