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Is it possible to become a officer in the RMR as a troop commander. From what I gather online is that I can apply to become a officer after phase 1.

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RMR Officers, unless transferred from the regular service, would normally be employed in a G4 (support) role such at MTO, AO, TO etc. They would not expect to be operationally deployed as a Troop Commander although they could temporarily fulfil the role as a Battle Casualty Replacement, I guess, at a push, if already in theatre.
What does it mean to be a G4 (Support) role and what does MTO, AO,TO mean. What would officer in the RMR typically be doing in their role compared to a regular officer on daily basis.

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MTO= Motor Transport Officer
AO = Administration Officer
TO = Training Officer.

RM & RMR Officers undertake similar administrative roles regarding planning and training their men (soon to include women), their leave, welfare, exercises, logistic requirements, etc.
Is it possible being a RMR officer to be able to join the SBS or SAS or UKSF as a officer in the reserve. I understand I'll need to actually complete the training course of the RMR and have 2 years of service.

Thanks for the reply.
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