Officer in the RMR scc then onto regular RM Officer

Im a cadet sergeant in Jersey and I am soon going on my OSB and being promoted to 2nd Lieutenant (scc) RMR when I am 18 very shortly.

I am wanting to join the regular RM as an officer and have already applied, they do not yet no of thuis, but do you think this will be to my advantage?

any comments, please let me know

cheers guys
If you are wishing to join the RM as an Officer, you will still need to attend the Potential Royal Marines Officer's Course, and the Admiralty Interview Board.

As to whether or not it will be an advantage, the knowledge you will have gained through the Cadets about the Marines will be a massive advantage in the Service Knowledge Test, and the organisational skills you will hopefully acquire in being a Cadet Officer will put you in a good position for your AIB Interview and Potential Leadership Tasks.

All the best!
Since it's a change to the information in your application it would be useful information, but I'm not convinced you can change the forms once they're in. Since you'll be going through a number of interviews it's the kind of thing to raise in one of them when the opportunity comes up.
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