officer eyesight tests conducted at boots?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Charlie951753, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. Officer eyesight tests conducted at Boots? Is this true or is the recruiting office pulling my leg, I thought this would be conducted by a Navy doctor
  2. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think thats wrong, I'm pretty certain ALL MoD (inc CS) eyesight tests are now conducted at Specsavers under a Government framework agreement.
  3. I had my eye test at boots. Seems a little pointless considering I had to do the same tests again at my medical.
  4. Boots or Black and Lizars are the two choices you have, whatever one is closer to you
  5. I went t'boots and had a contact lense consulation as well as the test- cheers MOD. I had a form and could book when i wanted though- does the navy have opticians? (Genuine question as i don't have a scooby)
  6. Ah cool thank you :) thought i hadn't heard of them having their own opticians!

  7. Certain branches get their lenses free each month too. Always nice to see Pusser off for something
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  8. Gen dit, no shit.
  9. Do you do exactly the same eye tests e.g. the book with the numbers and spots at the medical interview then?
  10. Yes, you do the colour perception test at your medical as well as the 20/20 test (whatever the correct medical term is for the test)
  11. Is it the same for warfare officers as for the rest of the navy because I heard they had different eyesight standards?
  12. There is a link to eyesight standards somewhere, but unless you have a good knowledge of eye related things it is mostly gobeldygook! Is there something eye related in particular that is worrying you?
  13. BRd 1750A Chapter 5. Details of eyesight standards required for all branches and how they go about testing. Hope this helps.

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  14. I did a colour perception test recently on a 14 plate set which seems to be the same as the one which is used for the medical and I only just passed it on the borderline so If I had to repeat it not one but twice then I will probably fail it.
  15. No it's not at Boots, the careers office were lying to you.

    You ******* bellend.
  16. I did mine at Boot's. You should receive a letter from your AFCO informing you of all the details, such as where and when.

    My AFCO even booked my appointment for me, which I thought was rather kind of them.

  17. Well i imagine the stringent requirements for that role are in place for a reason. Probably better to misjudge a colour sat in a comfy opticians rather then at a time when it could be problematic and dangerous, no? The recruitment system isn't there for fun and to ruin people's dreams; it is there to ensure roles are filled with the appropriate people. Can always try and if you do fail explore the other options, if you don't give it a go then you have already failed anyway. Also as it is a boots optician your actual appointment will be an hour after the time of your appointment.
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  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The visual acuity eye test is contracted to Boots, but you can go to any optician and claim back the charge. The optician grades your eye sight in one of 4 categories. Warfare is the highest standard, Logistics & Engineers have the widest acceptable grades.

    The AFCO medical includes a colour perception test. Divers, because they`re special, have invented a different eyesight standard to everyone else due to the fact they can`t put prescription lenses in full face diving masks.
  19. But we can lenses underwater. My eyes were -2.25 the whole time in the branch. Pusser even paid for my lenses.

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