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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kevo, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering, I’m in a full time job... is it possible to go down the AFCO and apply to become an officer? And how far into the application can I go before I need to hand my notice in? Kind of vague questions I guess. Just wondering if it’s ok to be employed when you apply, and for how long into the process it’s acceptable.

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  3. Haha, care to rephrase that for me please mate? Maybe catch a nights sleep and help with an input tomorrow? :)

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  5. Oh god, not sure what you quite mean i'm afraid. As of my age i'm 19
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  7. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Ignore the twat. If you want to join go to the web site first and take it from there.

    Search this site before posting. You will find plenty of good ideas and suggestions.
  8. Underwear, i'm a fan of Calvin Klein pro stretch. Pants... Hmm my last pair of pants I bought were a pair of jeans by Nudie. Actual trousers I think were a pair of Farah.

    I sense this topic going a slight bit off subject.
  9. In a good way....tell me more monkey................
  10. Stop the spam now I think stoker. Anyone willing to post help can feel free, but I'll check the site out Guns. I guess i was after someone who was/in the same situation I am at the moment.
  11. That's because you are the ocelot of love.
  12. You can apply for officer entry whilst in a full time job - it's activley encouraged because of the length of time it can take. Just be prepared for a day off for your AFCO test, 3 days off for AIB and plenty of time for going to the gym and running. They'll normally give you 6 or so weeks notice before you start at BRNC, so plenty of time to get your life in order
  13. Checkout "Potential officers" posts . He is at BRNC at this minute. Sure he has all the up to date info on your quest. Try pm him :thumright:
  14. Yeah, there are a few of us sprogs at BRNC at the moment. Spot on about encouraging you to have a job, it took me 2 1/2 year to get my application through, but that was a long one. Shortest I've heard is about 9 months, and typical would be 18 months or there abouts. It really depends on which branch you want to go into (aircrew, warfare, subs, logistics....) and how organised the AFCO/AIB/CNR/CAAMB are feeling....

    Get the process started with your Liaison Officer and they will tell you more.

    Hope it works out, and keep us posted
  15. Kevo, if you want you can be employed on the day before you join BRNC!

    As long as you are prepared in terms of fitness, have kept your Navy knowledge to at least the standard it was at AIB, and begun to learn Rule of the Road, when you leave your job is upto you, as long as you are at the station at the right time! I was working two weeks before I started Dartmouth.

    As Guns said, best place to start is the Royal Navy website, head over to the careers section and apply for an information pack, the careers people will then contact you by phone and arrange a meet with your ACLO who will begin to the get the ball rolling.

    Any other questions PM TeddyT (he is going for WAFU, so if you want to head that way, he would be a good idea to ask about FATS) or myself, going for God's Own Branch (Warfare) and we will see if we can help with dits of our application experience!
  16. I'm interested in Submarine, Warfare officer.

    Chose the boats, simply because there is a shortage of staff. I've read into the navy a lot, but seeing as though you've all be more than helpful I’ll give you more info and see what you all think.

    Fresh out of Sixth form, got my required grades for my current job (And more than enough points for an Officer).... Job comes into it here a lot. I applied for it before I actually sat my A-levels, and they went on my predicted grades (Needed 3 a-levels). They basically sat there for 3 months and waited for me. Loyalty plays a part I guess too. I've been working there now for around 2 months, title being 'Trainee project manager'.
    Now, I wanted to apply for the navy on the straight off... but heard a lot of horror stories about 'Life experience' and 'Leadership skills' etc. and this job seemed to be a really good chance to gain some experience and to get myself ready for the navy. I was hoping to leave when I’m 21 and applying for the Navy officer role. By this time I would of achieved my project manager promotion (hopefully) and have a few years experience that would stand me in good steed.

    But the actual application + training time is worrying me if I leave it until I’m 21. So I was just thinking about applying whilst still at work, instead of leaving.

    The more I think about it, I should just stay in the job as it’s a great opportunity - on the other hand I’m thinking 'But there’s a chance I could join the navy now as an officer, and all this would of been a waste'.

    Views and opinions would be appreciated.

    Thanks for all the help so far though guys. Been great

  17. In regards to age, I joined 3 months after my 25th birthday, and see a little advantage, but if you are ready to join before there is no point putting it off.
    If you feel ready for the navy now, go and see your ACLO to get the process started. If you don't feel ready go and see your ACLO and get the first stages out of the way.
    It will likely take at least 6 months to get an AIB date, and this is great experience on its own. The AIB may ask you to try again a year later, but you will know for sure that you are not ready, and focus on your promotion.
    Your ACLO will give you the best information and advice (I know some people on RR will tell you otherwise, but ACLOs are there for you, and will not send you if they don't think you stand a good chance).

    I had a very good graduate management job before I joined, and was nervous about telling them about the Navy, but they were very accommodating, and let me have all the time off and support I needed. It is not in your employer's interest to piss you off and get in the way of your own development.

    My advice, and coming from a WAFU is, of course, spot on, is to go for it. You have very little to loose for trying and are not tied in in any way.
    I think I am right in saying that the fleet is crying out for good X(SM) officers, and so your application may not take too long. Somebody else in the know will confirm this.
  18. I just feel like a right tit - only been in the job 2 months, after them waiting 3 months for me. And they're paying to put me on a course in September which will last a year. Harsh if I leave them half way through that too aint it?

    I just seriously can't see myself stuck in this office job :S I'm looking towards the future here, and the sooner i get into my choser career the better I think.

  19. What drugs are you on mate?

    When have you ever heard of ANY organisation wanting their potential employees to be unemployed at the point of application? How else would you think we get people (Officer or Ratings) into the Navy if you can't set the ball rolling at the ARMED FORCES RECRUITMENT OFFICE? The clue's in the name! Pretty dumb questions for someone who thinks themself capable of joining an organisation at management level.

    I'm sure I'll recieve a barrage of abuse from other posters for this, but I, like many others, am getting fed up with stupid questions that individuals can answer for themselves by getting off their backsides and doing some research.
  20. Kev, buddy, you sound as though you already know what you want to do, so go for it. Do not worry about your present job. It will be very easy to find an excuse to stay there in the future after you go on this course, and will always have moral dilemmas to deal with. A wise man once told me that the right decision is rarely the easy route.
    Ring your AFCO and get an interview!

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