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Officer entry


Lantern Swinger
Hey folks,

Thinking of trying for my AIB sometime soon as I am about to finish my final year at University - got a decent idea of what life at BRNC and during CFT and SFT is like from an ex and also been to several of the Summer Camps at the College both as a Cadet and more recently as a DO (Currently TA Officer). Obviously though this is no comparison to having been there and done it!

So was just wondering are there any things you wished you'd known before you took the plunge? What were the best and worst bits? Anything in particular I should have a good think about? I'm thinking of Warfare but am open to suggestions and advice re branches.

Going to have a chat to the CLO at the AFCO but thought who better than the fine people of Run Ration to give me some advice!

Thanks all.
My advice would be if you really want to join just do it, if you have doubts then perhaps you are not the kind of person they want.

AIB is one of the most effective and profesional selection systems there is, if you are not fully committed to the job they will see through you.



I think the only thing that's worth mentioning is entry dates - depending on your chosen branch, there can be a long wait between passing your AIB and joining dartmouth, especially at this time of year (for obvious reasons). A lot of graduate entries don't end up joining until the following January/March, and if your branch happens to be quite full you might have a bit of a wait.


Lantern Swinger
Cheers - thats the handy kind of thing I'm after. The sort of thing you might not think of normally!

Had thought of the timing thing before as regards ACE (ie going in in Nov for example means ACE in the freezing cold!) Brrr!

I thought they were usually a bit low in the number of Warfare applications? Suppose it tends to vary quite a bit anyway with each intake?


I'm not sure about the general dynamics, but a friend of mine has just gone in as a Pilot, having originally applied as warfare, simply because he was told it'd be a long wait for a place in an entry as warfare, but they were crying out for aircrew.
ACE was quite fun, yomping around the moors pretending to be a pongo, however I hear now that it's gone more maritime etc (which is probably a good thing). Don't sweat the CLM side of life - I got a 9 (of a possible 62) marks for my first Command Task, I'm currently above the expected standard in Leadership according to my OJAR (ooh, get me!). As some old Pongo said, "Leadership is just plain you".

As for the rest of it, crack on to be honest - you can talk all you want on this board, but you'll never know the real experience. The mob is great, it's sh*t and it's everything in between, at the end of the day it's what you want it to be! As for things to think about, I offer you two questions:

Would you kill an enemy aircraft or submarine if required?
Would you kill a shipmate in order to save the rest of the ship?


Lantern Swinger
Have pretty much decided to go for it now, the hold up is I have to wait until June as I was asthmatic when I was younger and June is the date I become the necessary '4 years asthma free' and I'm guessing you need to be asthma free when you apply rather than at AIB. Going to get myself an appointment with the AFCO and get the ball rolling anyway.

Carry on with the info and advice though, I'll be looking AIB advice soon hopefully! :)


Lantern Swinger
Just me back on my own thread again!

Been thinking alot about branches - obviously the AFCO can give info on whats available/whats involved etc etc but having read it all I'm more interested in personal experience.

At the minute it's really wafu, warfare or logs - what are the ups and downs of each on a day to day basis? Training etc and then out and about in the fleet.

Would be interested in any views!


Hello mate,

I've recently had my entry date to BRNC cofirmed, like you just finishing uni (Should be finishing my dissertation now!) joining the engineering branch myself (mechanical engineering degree) can't wait. I did my AIB back when I was 16 to get a sponsorship, it was pretty intense! First tip wear a decent suit, I looked like a right scruffy little sh*t when i turned up felt well out of my depth when I looked around and everyone else was wearing a suit. There were two or three times that i thought I had cocked it up, just try to stay calm and not be too intimidated by the fact you are surrounded by blokes that were in the navy before you were born. You'll be fine!

Like i say i can't wait to get stuck in, maybe see you in Dartmouth!


Lantern Swinger
When you off to the college then? Think you'll probably be away by the time I get there (if I even get there that is!) Either that or you'll be the Senior Sub or something and be kicking my sorry new entry ass up and down the Sandquay steps!

Have to say I'm starting to get pretty excited about the whole thing!

Oh how I know the feeling of 'I should really be doing work on my dissertation but somehow Rum Ration needs me...'


4th of Sept, off for a medical soon. Come at the right time, after three years of mec eng i really have had enough and lost interest. Also after three years boozing in Newcastle I am skint, prob have to spend summer surfing credit cards. Really am happy with the choice i made back at in six form, uni would have been a struggle without the sponsorship and I think I will enjoy Dartmouth. Getting paid more than £80 a month for bar work is also going to be a bonus.

Really should do some more work now. (Going out tonight!)


Lantern Swinger
Me again!

Been up to the AFCO so should be going for my initial interview soon. As I said before, Ive been doing a good bit of thinking about branches and am now swaying towards the Logistics side of things as I'm pretty well organised and like things to run smoothly. Several people have told me its not that exciting though - what do you lot reckon? I mean, I'm sure warfare isnt all the riveting sometimes when your doing fixes every 6 minutes or whatever. And I'm sure Logistics isnt all counting crates etc (or is it...)

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