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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by supercharv, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. Hey,

    Iv been having a few problems in been alloud to even apply for the navy as a warfare officer because of my lack of A-levels (i left school to travel).

    This on its own is fair enough but i am goin to be (next year) a biochemistry graduate and im trying to apply to join when i finish university next year, basically iv been working some silly hours and havnt been off work when an AFCO is open and iv managed to phone the place in manchester once, about 5 mins before closing time and the girl wasnt that interested and tol dme my degree made no difference, which il take as her not been arsed as it was so close to goin home time

    anyhow yeah im obviously not an idiot so can anyone tell me if my degree will be enough to get me into the navy as a warfare officer should i actually pass (most likely will get a respectable 2:1 from it)

    cheers in advance, Ash

    oh and i got into uni via a foundation degree which isnt worth any UCAS points and isnt a "real" qualification aparantly.
  2. I had the same query as I was planning on doing a similar thing. The "she couldn't be arsed as it was nearly going home time" is complete bollocks as I was there at 9am when I asked.

    Can't you take some A levels alongside when you get to uni?
  3. Try gaining some kind of English qualification first. Mong speak will not stand you in good stead.
  4. Not a bad attempt at a pisstake, 8/10 for the spelling/scenario, 4/10 for the thread title as it gave it away I'm afraid ;)
  5. Thanks for the useful replies..... yes my spelling is shit generally speaking, but no its not a piss take, i think "mong" speak is a bit harsh...

    anyhow I dont see why i should take A-levels as biochem isnt the easiest of degrees so i would of thought that would warrent me been given a chance
  6. It's because you probably didn't put a DOT.
  7. You have really answered you own question.

    A foundation degree is not worth anthing, UCAS wise, and can repeat can, allow you to complete the final year at some 3rd rate uni...They get some good funding for taking foundation students.

    You will if you look hard enough find that if you don't have so many GCSE's or A levels then entry to the RN as an officer is a none starter.

    With regards to the Girl at the recruiting office being a little short with you when you called at 5 minutes before closing, I think her responce was appropriate, don't you. Think about it all kindsof complex questions because you could not be arsed to phone at a time that would give her time to answer your questions with thougherness.

    You should have done a couple of A levels at the Uni... They do them, and they are a requirement.

    I doubt you will find many companies who will take on Post graduates into a graduate job with no A levels.

    Good luck for the future
  8. for a start, im at a respectable university, Liverpool (the redbrick one) and yes im aware i have and will not be getting any UCAS points but im above the level of A-levels now, i figure that should count for somthing

    and as for when i phoned, i phoned when i could, i started work before they open and normally finish after they close at the moment, i managed to get in from work early that day...but yeah i would just want to go home also given it was home time for her so i dont blame her.

    Im sure il be fine post grad mate if i wanted to carry on in science.

    I probley would of done A-levels or just joined straight up if that was the plan back then 4 years ago, plans change and now im trying to change direction into a job that wont be boring

    Anyhow im sounding argumentative here, im not its just annoying as iv worked hard to get this degree and its annoying been told its pretty useless in what iv decided i want to do.

    When work settles down il get myself down the AFCO again for a 100% certain answear
  9. Hi Supercharv, as far as I'm aware, you will need the 180 UCAS points regardless of anything else. When I started my application process they checked at several different times to make sure that I had enough otherwise there would have been no point in carrying on. One option that you may have is to enrol to just take the exams and do the coursework of subjects that you may know well, without having to do the lectures. From my degree, I now know that there are a few A-Levels I'd be able to take, and as long as I was aware of the syllabus, I'd pretty much be able to do them without any help. As for work after uni, you will defo need as many qualifications as possible, I'm struggling to find work atm and I have GCSEs, A-levels, BSc (Hons) and doing an MSc. Don't mean it to come across as bragging or anything, cos I'm not, I just mean that anything to put yourself above the other candidates is a must...especially at times like these.

    Anyway, good luck with your application and getting through the process, hope there is a way round it for you.
  10. Seems that you know more than those that recruit so you certainly have the arrogance to be an occifer.
    Whether with your attitude you become one is another matter.
    Now get off your arse and to the AFCO Mr Mong :twisted:
  11. GCSE O level English might be a good start. If you already have it then it proves to all us old farts that the standard has most definitely dropped since the GCE days.
  12. [quote="supercharv .

    and as for when i phoned, i phoned when i could, i started work before they open and normally finish after they close at the moment, i managed to get in from work early that day...but yeah i would just want to go home also given it was home time for her so i dont blame her.


    When work settles down il get myself down the AFCO again for a 100% certain answear[/quote]

    Why not ask your line manager at Macdonalds for a shift change? :p
  13. Macdonalds

    The company who employ more post Grads than any other company on the Planet.....

    I wonder why??????????
  14. do you have nothing better to do than come on here and rip into people slim? if you doubt that biochem is one of the more demanding of degrees then your a bit of a mong yourself.

    thanks to officer_inland for a friendly reply as oppose to the lovely few on here
  15. Typing everything lower case with little or no punctuation is very rude don't you know. Also shows employers you have poor standards and a lack of care so if our answers upset you..tough sh1t
  16. He might not spell too good on here but you still knew what he meant. And Supercharv it is all they do in their spare time and probably all p!ssed up too.
  17. I never mentioned his spelling smartarse, it was his lack of capitals and grammar and what's wrong with being p1ssed?
  18. Well nothing I suppose is wrong with being p!ssed :D.. I think I will have a skinfull tonight myself (got used to it living with an ex-submariner). I was mainly referring to the English but I can see where you are coming from, if he cannot take the banter either then pretty pointless eh?
  19. Mate, its a forum, get over yourselves! Its a bit pathetic ripping into someone because i didnt use a couple of captial letters.

    I doubt il get anything that useful off here by the looks of things, like i said before il get myself down the AFCO as soon as i can, but as i work it will have to wait!
  20. If you think my comments are "ripping in to you" then you are going to have a major shock when/if you start basic at BRNC/Raleigh, wherever you go. :wink:

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