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I applied to join as an Engineer Officer back in August 2013. I had my first medical in September 2013, followed by a review medical in October (because I have vision corrected by LASEK eye surgery about 3 years ago). I have produced all of the relevant documentation and evidence and as far as I am aware the review medical didn't reveal any problems. It is now almost 5 months since the review medical and I have heard nothing at all. My ACLO says there's nothing he can do to find out what the hold-up is. Is this a 'normal' sort of timescale in this sort of case? Has anyone else experienced such a delay?


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The contracted medical company can only move forward once your GP (Or Laser Surgeon) supplies all the information required -this includes confirmation through eyetests to prove the operation was successful, the improvement is stable, it was an approved type of surgery, the pre-operative prescription was within the accepted parameters, you're twelve months free from treatment and over age 22.

Assuming the medical professional they wrote to supplied the required info immediately upon request (they usually take a month or two to reply because GPs often want paying upfront) then three months is pushing it. Five months is verging on outrageous, frankly.

If there were no delays "your end" with regard the information being supplied sharpish, I'd be inclined to write to your AFCO, stating you wish to register a complaint against the manner in which the contracted medical company have dealt with your case.

If nothing else, it should rattle a few cages and prompt the company to extract a digit.

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