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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, May 24, 2008.

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  1. By Richard Smith 24/05/2008

    Daily Mirror:
    A driver was told to remove an England flag from his car by police because it could offend immigrants - or be fined £30.

    Ben Smith, 18, was stopped in a routine spot check by traffic cops who found nothing wrong with his five-year-old Vauxhall Corsa. But the teenage upholsterer was stunned when he was told that a St George flag covering his parcel shelf was racist.

    He first thought the PC was joking until he was threatened with a £30 fine unless he removed it. Furious Ben from Melksham, Wilts, said: "He said I was racist towards immigrants. But all I was doing was supporting my country."

    Chief Insp Charlie Dibble said: "I do not believe this was a matter of patriotism but road safety.

    "The ability to have a clear view behind you is of great importance."

    What I would like to know is whose bloody country is this? Shouldn’t the police be out arresting real criminals as opposed to harassing a young man who is proud to be British, yet another own goal by the boys in blue me thinks.
  2. I think the young man should put in an official compliant, if nothing else it will cause a nuisance and have to be investigated.
  3. You are required by law to have two means of rear view. An interior mirror and an exterior drivers side mirror (not passenger) or two exterior mirrors.

    So the claim about rear view was bollox. Also if it was racial, he would not be authorised to set a fine.
  4. Shock horror can this be the case, police officers who do not know the law? :eek:
  5. Where does it say he is proud to be British? Article says it was an English flag.
  6. OK I give in, where does it say that?
  7. I'm going to get a set of Swastika hubcaps
    for the BMW on Tuesday.....see how that
    goes down on the A38.
  8. If you get stopped, abused or harassed just claim to be Hindu as the Swastika is a religious symbol for them. Then sue as your Human rights will have been maligned. :afro:
  9. Well if that buffoon Harry Windsor can wear a swastika armband at a friend's fancy dress party I see no reason why you cannot have swastika hubcaps on the BMW, incidentally excellent choice of motor car. :thumright:
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    There's an open top Merc not too far from where I now live that had the full range of Nazi regalia, swastikas, deep gloss black paint job, bullet-proof glass, the works.... the finish is a little bit scarred now since someone took a few pot-shots at it when removing it from its former owner who had a reputation as being somewhat of an extremist.

    I'm talking of course on one of Hitler's personal cars that is now on show in the War Museum in Ottawa!

  11. I have had my local council ask me to remove the St. Georges flag from over my house door on St. Georges Day, I have been asked to remove a small White Ensign from my car and over my door on Trafalgar Day and Remembrance Day. Yet down the road from me is a Mosque with the Muslim flag flying high.

    Most of the hotels fly similar flags, including the one owned by the Council Leader. Needless to say he had a letter from me.

    Regards, Chris

  12. Says it all really as many politicians start their gravy train careers as local councillors.

    Maybe you would like to point out to this mini beaurocrat that the Windsor’s fly the national flag on their council houses and ipso facto you should not be denied the same on your property should you choose to do so.

  13. This was mentioned in my letter to the Council Leader, as it was that they also flew the Bournemouth Arms Flag above the Council owned Town Hall.

    My letter of concern is being dealt with.

    Regards, Chris
  14. I was always under the impression, that anything other than the National Flag(s), required planning permission, therefore the local Mosque with a [presumably] Crescent and Star flag, would have had to have applied for planning permission for the flag.

    I had thought that it is a legal right to fly the National Flag(s) [i.e. Union Flag or a Cross of St. George.]
  15. D'you hear there...5 minutes to Ramadan(m?)
    Ratings detailed to pull the flags up do not close up.....
    We don't do that sh*t anymore...
    That is all.

  16. Bollox, get a life. There will always be flags.

    It is ludicrous really. Some Councils are happy to fly flags, some are not for numerous reasons. You can fly a County Flag if you have one because that is produced and borne from the people of the county. However, if it is a National Flag such as either the Saint Flags, or the Union Flag, then depending on which county or town you live in, will decide whether they can be flown.

    I fly mine regardless of what is said.

    Regards, Chris
  17. Agree.....only being flippant, but having said that,
    seem to recall if you dripped about having a big
    Irish Flag painted on the side of yer council house,
    you stood a fair chance of losing a knee-cap or two.

    If you burn/desecrate certain countries flags, they
    will either bang you up or just point things at you
    that go bang.

    Flags have a wonderful way of either being symbols
    of evil (Swazzy), or fluttering monuments to mans
    triumph over the enemy (The Classic US Marine photo
    at Iwo Jima), and historical events (Man on the moon).

    Us Homo Sapiens do some strange stuff to each other
    that either involves killing everything we encounter,
    getting up the hill, ripping their flag down and hauling
    up ours...or being the first to just get somewhere.
    Then we will plant the flag...and f**k off.

    Time for my morphine.

  18. In fact the original is a peace/sun symbol, which, until the 1930s was a symbol that used to adorn the beer bottles of Carlsberg. You can see examples in their HQ & Museum in Copenhagen.


  19. Forget it, it,s a load of flannel, the young scrote was stopped for a suss car most prob and this is just a make up to burn "Ancient William", hope the "Mammary Swede" got a tikkut.
  20. I have a question, was the flag laying flat on the parcel shelf. LEGAL but not that visible to to other road users behind his vehicle.
    Or was it hung vertically as many football scarfs and towels are by traveling fans so obstructing the view from his rear view mirror ILLEGAL

    Perhaps Old Bill have gone all soft and feely touchy. In my day if it had been vertical

    Me "Take it down its obstructing your view"

    Him "You are just being racist"

    Me " You have just failed the attitude test, now lets see what else is wrong with you vehicle,
    how long I can keep your here, before I start to write tickets for that and any other offence I find"

    OK some of my last speech would not have been made out allowed but lack of respect
    brings the Ying Yang process into play both ways.


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