Officer career length if join at 29-32?

I've heard that if you join the Army as an officer at 29 (max age allowed) then you will realistically not be able to stay for the rest of your working life because those younger than you have already been promoted and there are "ideal" ages for each rank (and I guess fewer vaccancies the higher you go).

Is the same true if I joined the RN as a Logistics officer between the ages of 29-32? Would it majorly hamper my career prospects that I waited this long or could I expect to be able to see out my days with the RN?
Hi Im thinking of joining as a supply chain logisitician as got degree in biology and being from common wealth and 28 at the moment restricts certain jobs.. Im just worried if I would be eligible for promotion to a officer later on due to age restrictions??
Obviously, joining later will make it more difficult for you to reach higher ranks. I assume you have a degree?
You will serve one year as S/Lt and then be promoted to Lt. You must serve at least 6 years as Lt before you are eligible for promotion to Lt Cdr. Average length of time to promotion is 8 years-ish as Lt.
You will join on an initial commission of 12 years, with the option to get selected Career Commission (up to 16 years service) which most get if they want it - you can opt out. Once on CC, you can be selected for Full Term Commission. FTC will take you to age 50 if you remain Lt Cdr, 52.5 if Cdr and 55 if Captain or above.
Check with your AFCO, but I think I got most of it right.
Hope this helps.
The upper age limit for selection as an Upper Yardman to officer is 26. I am unsure of the upper age limit for Senior Upper Yardman, but if you display the appropriate qualities and apptitude there should be no reason why you can't try. If you have a degree why are you joining as a JR?
Thanks for that! I cant apply to other posts as Im from the commonwealth and did asked for ETMO but they are looking for people with physics and maths background and mines biology so that was gone and couldnt apply elsewhere. So was wondering if applying as a JR would help???

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