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Hi all, my first post here. I am currently in the process of applying to be an Engineering Officer Cadet and am trying to research some more info on the training process.

I can't seem to find info on where trainees will go after they finish the initial training at the BRNC. If someone could point me to a site I could have a look at, or enlighten me on this that would be fantastic.

Cheers, Ben.
Are you sure about that Mega? I just can't find anything online to confirm it, certainly not doubting your reliability, I just want to make sure I'm sure.


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They used to send cadets to Warsash and South Shields (and Glasgow, and...), but all new entrants are now sent to Fleetwood, both Deck and more recently Engineers.
Just to confirm that up until the beginning of this year RFA Engineering cadets were sent to WMA.

It is only recently that the CTO has changed this so that the Cdt (E) go to Fleetwood alongside the Cdt (X).

From what I have heard Fleetwood is actually very good and have some better facilities than WMA.

I know this as I am in Ph3 in WMA as a Cdt (E).


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From my armchair .. I am puzzled that, at a time when BRNC has spare capacity (and has had for years, judging by the much reduced number of tables in what used to be the cadets' dining hall), MoD is paying for a separate officer training facility for RFA. That may be false equivalence and is obviously arguing by analogy, but I await enlightenment.


The rfa spend 7 weeks at BRNC then go to a civilian nautical college to gain their civilian qualifications alongside merchant navy officer cadets. I don't think the RN officers gain these quals so it would be a waste of money for BRNC to offer this training.

Also the nautical college facilitys are not funded by the mod but the rfa does pay the rfa officer cadets course fees.

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