Officer Cadet (ETO)

Afternoon all. I've been looking in to joining the RFA recently and the above role is of particular interest to me. I was hoping someone from here can give me a bit extra info on what the job entails, i.e. is it a 'hands-on' role or a more supervisory role to start off with? The info sheet on the website could be a bit clearer imo!



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Do mean you wish to end up as a SE? if so I can probably answer most of your branch specific questions, so post away.

In general all Engineering jobs in the RFA are hands on to start with, in fact you have to get bloody senior to not be allowed to play with the toys anymore. As for supervision that does happen occasionally at junior levels but dont expect a cast of thousands underneath you. Its normal to have one or two motormen or POs working on a large job with you, however you will find that most of the time you are working by your self or with another officer.
Not sure what you mean by SE but I'm guessing Systems Engineering Officer? Anyway, no! The role I was looking into would be the mechanical equivalent of SEO. Someone that looks after the propulsion, hydraulic, etc systems on board. It would appear that the above route is the way to go.


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Ah ok you want to be a Marine Engineering Officer then, ETO is normally taken as meaning Electrical Technical Officer (which the RFA brands as a Systems Engineering Officer).

My comments about the hands on nature of the job still stand, in fact most Marine Engineers I have found pride themselves on their ability to actually fix stuff (its not unusual to find a Chief Engineer taking time out from the paperwork to get his hands a little dirty in the Engine room). During your cadet trips you will be mainly system tracing (learning how all the various systems work)and assisting qualified engineers in repairs/routine maintenance, once qualified you will be assigned a part of ship to maintain e.g. pumps etc. You wont really get involved in staff management until you reach 1st Officer rank.

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