Officer cadet accommodation


I'm thinking of joining up as a deck officer cadet and was wondering about how much I'm going to be forking out for accommodation and food during the three years at the Maritime College. I get that it's all free at Dartmouth, but I presume that's not the case when you're studying for the HND/FD.

I can't find anything online and the lady at the Navy recruiting centre didn't know either.

Thanks in advance.


Check out Fleetwood Nautical Campus website.....its £120 a week bed&breakfast and dinner....for all Officer Cadets RFA or commercial.


Is there a choice as to what nautical college you attend?
I went to Warsash College open day in January, and was well impressed with what I saw.


Warsash is changing many sponsors are not keen. Fleetwood currently has the best results. My son is getting commercial sponsorship from a shipping company. He currently has 4 offer from different companies. Most are not keen on Warsash for September 2017. Two are very keen to send him to Fleetwood.