Officer behavior/etiquette, 1930's until WW2


For naval officer cadets/trainees, was there a specific "Officer and Gentleman" set of standards that was part of the training? In other words, what was considered acceptable/unacceptable behavior, especially in that era? Was there a "we consider ourselves gentlemen, so we have this code of behavior and we expect you[cadets] to live according to it" sensibility?

Thank you.


I read a post somewhere where a guy reviewed a book. The book was about the procedures, re-education and the conduct of those undergoing the Upper Yardman scheme which was then held at Port Edgar, South Queensferry. Apparently candidates were counselled to use Gieves for all items of kit and uniform, what was appropriate garb for going ashore in 'civvies', to bank at Coutts Bank and as part of learning how to behave in public were taken to Royal Ascot. I can't remember most of it but I did fall about laughing a lot as I read.

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